New Dates & New Downloads (Get Some!)

Alright so recently we’ve had a ton of new concert dates released, as well as albums that people have been wondering when they will go digital, go digital, as well as other interesting album news and tidbits. So in no sexy delivery, her’s all the info:

ALL THREE of Lucky Tubb’s great albums have finally been released digitally by Lone Star Music, including his often forgotten first offering Generations. You can download the albums and listen to previews of every song by CLICKING HERE.

Also Jayke Orvis’s new album It’s All Been Said was just made available for download. So those of you having Farmageddon paypal problems can try that route. Or you can continue to email me incessantly about a problem I have no control over, over and over again and see if that works. (Read my review of the album HERE.)

And speaking of downloads (smmoooth segway), for a limited time you can download Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers new album Agridustrial for only 5 smackers by CLICKING HERE. (Read my review HERE.)

And speaking of The Shack Shakers (smmoother segway), it has just been announced they will be touring with Bob Wayne come spooky Rocktober, as Wayne supports his new album entitled Outlaw Carnie due out 10/26 from Century Media. You can find those and ALL relevant Saving Country Music dates at

Hank III has added a few new dates as well.

And if you’re poor as pork and need a music experience of the free persuasion, head on over to IBWIP or Nine Bullets for their spanking new podcasts.

OK I guess that’s it for now. As you were.


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