New Hank III / .357 String Band Videos !!!

From Layla’s Bluegrass Inn:

Nice shout out for Wayne & Mr. Bandana!

And if you haven’t seen the photos from Hank III’s recent performances at Layla’s in Trashville, you can see them at the MySpace pages of Free Hank III Operatives Cathy, Allison, and Hank’s Angel’s who made the haul from FLA!

There’s also some great new, good quality videos of the .357 String Band from Deeetroit City, from a cat named Misfit 1III8. Great examples of the kind of energy the .357 bring to a live, REAL bluegrass show:

.357 String Band Albums:
Ghost Town
Fire & Hail

Now if you will excuse me, I’m heading off to vote for the MySpace REAL Country Music Awards.

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