New Hank III Videos ! (+ Blog Stuff)

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New Hank III Videos !

There’s a couple of new groups of new Hank III YouTubes I wanted to alert you all about because they are great!

The first group is from the Kawasaki shoot. There’s 8 videos in all. I’ve included the best ones here, but you can just do a search on You Tube for ‘Hank III Kawasaki’ and find them all. They include a tour of the Haunted Ranch, III talking about the music, shows the room where he recorded DRRP, and him & JR. turkey hunting.

If you’ve been wondering why Hank III has been doing all these partnerships with companies, this is a great example why. Shelton’s biggest struggle has been getting his name out there because Curb has been purposely keeping him in the closet. Here you see he rides around for a little in a four wheeler, which is something he does all the time anyway, then they give him segments to talk about his music and his lifestyle so that he can reach people that would normally not be exposed to him.

Do me a favor and rate those bad boys on YouTube if you have an account. A lot of people went through a lot of effort to get these made so let’s let ’em know we appreciate it.

Yeah I know the harmonica is too loud, but fight through it.

Next one’s funny as hell.

Talking the biz.

Huntin’ with Jr. Yes, Jr. !!!! I’ll probably address that whole thing in another blog.

This next set of YouTubes is from EARLY Hank III. They were filmed in April 2000 near my old stomping grounds in Texas, at the historic Ft. Worth Stockyards.

I really like Hank III’s early stuff. If you find someone who says they don’t care for Hank III, bust out the old stuff. If they don’t like it, they don’t have a soul. Some people are turned off by all the drugs, cussing, etc., but his early stuff is accessible to all.

The first one includes a version of ‘Wine, Wine,Wine’ which is one of my favorite early songs. Shame he never recorded it.

I like this band lineup. They are TIGHT!

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