New Hank III – Whiskey Hound With A Southern Sound?

Hank IIIWell after a long drought of Hank III news, now it’s coming hard and heavy. The latest is that his next album, and the first as an independent artist free of the iron claw of Curb Records, will be called Whiskey Hound With A Southern Sound, and is scheduled to be released in April 2011.

This info comes from Hank III’s Wikipedia page, and we all know Wikipedia can be a shaky source. But hell, I’ll run with it and if it turns out to be false, I’ll figure out a way to blame Toby Keith and Tim McGraw for it.

The timing would makes sense, as it was recently revealed right here that Hank III’s Curb contract is up on Dec. 31st, 2010. Hypothetically any music he writes or records between now and New Years would still be property of Curb, so a 4 month cushion would make sense. Hank III has said in interviews recently that he will first attempt to be a truly independent artist, and try to use his strong grass roots network and a distribution company to sell his music. But if this does not work, he is open to the idea of signing with another label. III has also mentioned wanting to release a heavy metal album as well shortly after the Curb contract is up.

Hank III recently said that Curb had been “holding me back creatively for years.” (read or listen to recent Hank III interviews)Now fans and critics of his recent albums will finally get to see what the Free Hank III has to offer. It will easily be his most anticipated release.

Stay tuned.

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