New Horton Heat Includes Hank III & Shack Shakers

Reverend Horton Heat Laughin' & Cryin'

We don’t talk nearly enough about The Reverend Horton Heat around here, but since it’s been about five years since he released an album, there hasn’t been much reason to. But the Rev. has a new project coming out on September 1st, Laughin’ and Cryin’, and the “Deluxe” version of this album will include a CD of Horton Heat covers from Hank III, The Legendary Shack Shakers, and others:

“The deluxe collector’s edition version will be housed in a custom metal speedometer package and the cd itself will serve as the faceplate of the speedometer. The set will also include a bonus CD of some of your favorite artists covering Reverend Horton Heat songs. The bonus disc includes covers from Hank III, John Doe & Dave Alvin, Th’ Legendary Shack*Shakers, Los Straitjackets, Peg Leg Mango Johnson and will only be available as part of this collector’s edition. In addition, the set will include a commemorative shot glass featuring an original design. The set is limited to only 1000 units and is only available while supplies last.

You can see more info about the album and pre-order the deluxe version by clicking here.

I also sniffed out a place you can preview the album HERE.

No word as of yet on what songs are to be covered on the bonus CD, but at $50 a pop for the collector’s edition, I hope the cover songs will be sold individually at some point.

Growing up in Dallas, Horton Heat will always be held on a high pedestal for me. Formed in 1985, Horton Heat was one of the first to use upright bass, one of the first bands to be a “revival” or “retro” band if you want to call it that, revitalizing the roots of rock n’ roll, rockabilly, and country. And Jim Heath continues to be one of the most underrated guitar players of our generation.

My favorite album of theirs is 2000’s Spend a Night in the Box, and ever since then there is been a . . . well . . . “maturing” in their music. The Rev sound to me will always be what was captured on those earlier albums, though the newer albums, including Laughin’ and Cryin’ undoubtedly have their moments. Either way, it is still Horton Heat, and though I might not pony up $50 for the collector’s edition, this album will find it’s way into my collection.

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