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“I think of all the documentaries made about my dad, he’d be most excited about this one,” Johnny Cash’s son John Carter Cash says about the new documentary Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon.

There are multiple books, films, and documentaries on the life of Johnny Cash, but The Redemption of an American Icon focuses specifically on Cash’s life in the early 70s after he experienced a career resurgence due to the success of his live prison albums, but his demons and addictions came rushing to the forefront like never before, and how Johnny Cash used his faith to overcome them.

First appearing in book for in 2019 from pastor and bestselling author Greg Laurie, The Redemption of an American Icon is now being released as a documentary film to be shown exclusively in theaters in a limited run December 5th, 6th, and 7th all across the United States. To find a participating theater near you and to purchase tickets, CLICK HERE.

“Here’s the great contradiction. Who could be friends with Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Billy Graham all at the same time? The answer, Johnny Cash,” says Greg Laurie. “He was a contradiction at times, but he had a deep faith that he always returned to.”

The film recounts the period in Cash’s life around the time of the release of his album Man In Black while being stuck in a cycle of depression and drug addiction. The road to redemption for Cash came from his return to an “unshakeable faith” that would go on to influence some of his most iconic songs like “The Man Comes Around.”

The documentary was compiled from over 100 audio tapes of Cash talking about his life that have never been heard publicly. They were recorded as part of the writing of Johnny Cash’s autobiography. Greg Laurie was also the author of Steve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon.

Clearly, this film takes a religious tenor towards the story of The Man in Black. Similar to other recent films, as opposed to attempting to achieve wide release or immediately releasing it to streaming services, doing a limited run in theaters allows audiences to get the fully immersive experience of the film in theater form before it’s distributed online.

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