New Rebel Rouser Podcast & Izzy Zaidman is Back

Tim Pop LiveWell tonight is a pretty big night in podcast land. First I am happy to announce that one of my favorite podcasters, Tim Pop of Tim Pop Live is debuting a spanking new podcast tonight called Rebel Rouser Country. It is going to air weekly on, Tuesdays at 7 PM EST.

And for his first show Tim Pop is going to treat us to a Hank Williams tribute, which only seems fitting. Tim Pop has been a big supporter of the Reinstate Hank movement, and though he’s always been a punk podcaster first, he was one of the FIRST to recognize the cross appeal of REAL country music and the punk scene.

Can’t tell you how excited I am about this show.

Also tonight at 10 PM EST Outlaw Radio will have none other that Izzy Zaidman of the new band Izzy and the Kesstronics as a guest.

Izzy Zaidman Izzy and the Kesstronics Wayne HancockIzzy is the former lead guitar player for Wayne “The Train” Hancock and played all of the lead guitar on Wayne’s latest album Viper of Melody. He was kicked out of the band in April after an altercation with steel guitar player Tony Locke. Whose fault the fight was depends on who you talk to, but we can all agree that Tony, who was put in the hospital, received the worse end.

Izzy is a wildly talented guitar player without question, and so far what I have heard of the new band is good stuff. But when I interviewed Wayne Hancock in August, he told me Izzy was black balled from the scene. So the big question is, will Izzy’s reputation precede him? We might get some answers tonight, and I have a copy of the album on the way and will be seeing them live myself in a couple of weeks. If Outlaw Radio doesn’t throw him some hard balls, I just might have to.

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