New Songs from Hank III

On Wednesday (12-16) Hank III began a run of Wednesday night shows at one of the last honky tonks left on Broadway in Nashville, Layla’s Bluegrass Inn. These shows are unique to anything else Hank III does, because there is no cover charge, and you get sometimes over two hours of strictly country music. As Hank III says, this is his way of staying true to the roots of the music, and it also helps keep the last dying gasps of a live music scene alive in Nashville.

Hank III unveiled two new songs during his country set, and luckily Allison was there with camera rolling to capture them. The names are “Lost in Oklahoma” and “Looking for a Mountain.” You can also see some great still shots from the show on Cathy’s Page.

Oh, and another Hank III heads up: He will be taping an episode of the Marty Stuart show on RFD-TV in early February. No word on when the episode will air, but stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted.