Newest Additions to Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist (#42)

It’s honky tonk and heartbreakers coming at you hard and heavy in the latest additions to the Saving Country Music Top 25 Playlist. Charlie Marie and “Rodeo” don’t relinquish the top spot, but nipping at her heels is Tyler Childers with his much-anticipated lead single off his upcoming new album. Country Squire will be released on Sony’s RCA Records on August 2nd, and Tyler’s “House Fire” gets your heart pumping ahead of the release.

Jon Pardi also has people buzzing with new music from an upcoming record. Pardi promised us that his new song would be true country, and he didn’t let us down with “Heartache Medication,” the title track and lead single from his new record coming up in October.

The mystery of last week was the sudden appearance of a brand new song from Randy Travis. Called “One In a Row,” not even his label and management knew where the song came from at first. Written by Buddy Jewell and Thom McHugh, word is it originally appeared on a very small amount of editions of Randy’s 2008 record Around The Bend. But to most, it is brand new, and any new song from the Hall of Famer is welcome, especially this one, which sounds like it would have been a hit if released as a single back in the day.

You may think it sounds like sacrilege to say one of the greatest classic country acts of our time happens to hail from Sweden, but if that’s only if you’ve never heard Country Side of Harmonica Sam. They’ve just released a couple of new songs ahead of an upcoming album, and “My First Broken Heart (Since My Last Broken Heart)” makes the list.

Freshening her selection on the playlist, Caroline Spence‘s devastating and incredibly well-sung “Wait On The Wine” makes the list from her highly-acclaimed Mint Condition record. Also, though it was added during the last playlist update, Crawford & Power‘s “Dancing Alone” didn’t get a proper introduction. The singer/dobro playing duo really puts a charge into this honky tonk song, and it transports you back to the best of early 90’s country.

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Please Note: The songs on this playlist are curated for listening pleasure and flow. Otherwise, they are not in any specific order.

Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist:

  • “Rodeo” – Charlie Marie – Self-Titled EP
  • “House Fire” – Tyler Childers – Country Squire (8-2)
  • “One In a Row” – Randy Travis – (newly released archive single)
  • “Dancing Alone” – Crawford & Power – (single)
  • “Good Old Fashioned Pain” – Taylor Alexander – Good Old Fashioned Pain
  • “Wait On The Wine” – Caroline Spence – Mint Condition
  • “Black Helicopter” – Ben Jarrell – Troubled Times
  • “Starlight” – Logan Ledger – Starlight/Imagining Raindrops Split
  • “Good At Bad News” – Tylor & the Train Robbers – Best of the Worst Kind
  • “No U in Oklahoma” – Reba McEntire – Stronger Than The Truth
  • “More Time” – Kalsey Kulyk – (single)
  • “Restless Ways” – Gethen Jenkins – (single)
  • “Give It Away” – Doug Seegers – The Story I Got to Tell (5-31)
  • “Irene (Ravin’ Bomb)” – Ian Noe – Between The Country (5-31)
  • “Sit Here & Cry” – Kathryn Legendre – Making It Up EP
  • “If I Could” – The Shootouts – Quick Draw
  • “The Dress” – Emily Scott Robinson – Traveling Mercies
  • “Roller Coaster” – Danny Vera – Roller Coaster
  • “To You” – Matt Carson – No Regrets
  • “Heartache Medication” – Jon Pardi – Heartache Medication (9-27)
  • “Girl Goin’ Nowhere” – Ashley McBryde – Girl Going Nowhere
  • “My First Broken Heart” – Country Side of Harmonica Sam – (single)
  • “Eveline” – Gabe Lee – Farmland
  • “Old Blood” – Nathan Seeckts – The Heart of the City
  • “Die From a Broken Heart” – Maddie & Tae – (single)
  • “Wine in a Coffee Cup” – Randy Rogers Band – Hellbent
  • “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” – George Strait – Honky Tonk Time Machine

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