Newest Additions to Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist (#48)

Leading off the latest additions to the Saving Country Music Top 25 playlist is long-time underground honky tonker and survivor Johnny Falstaff with his latest single “Move A Mountain.” Though not tied to a proper album release just yet, it’s a good introduction to this under-the-radar artist who’s been paying dues and doing country music the right way for many years.

Songwriter Darrin Bradbury will be releasing his new album Talking Dogs and Atom Bombs on September 20, and showcasing his supreme skills as a composer, he takes a fairly mundane daily routine in “Breakfast” and turns it into high poetry. This is the kind of songwriting that feels so effortless, it really makes you appreciate what a gift it is.

Jamie Lin Wilson possesses similar skills in the songwriting department, and has just released an extra song from the recording sessions of her highly-regarded 2018 album Jumping Over Rocks. “Alice” is about a rambunctious old woman Wilson met when she was younger, and makes for good character exploration and story.

And last but not least is “Bury My Bones” from Whiskey Myers and their self-titled release coming up September 27th. Though the other early singles from the record were a little too rock for this particular playlist, “Bury My Bones” fits about perfectly. Keep an eye on this release ladies and gentlemen. Though some may regard Whiskey Myers as a known quantity, there is a good chance this new record could be a big breakout for them, and meet or even beat the sales numbers for a lot of the other major independent music releases lately. Whiskey Myers is a band on the brink.

And also germane to the playlist, though it’s already been included on the playlist for over a month, “Country Radio” by Aaron Watson off his recent album Red Bandana has been selected as his next radio single. As one of the best (if not the best) song from Red Bandana, this is a positive development. We’ll just have to see how well it does after “Kiss That Girl Goodbye” struggled.

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Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist:

  • “Move A Mountain” – Johnny Falstaff – (single)
  • “Country Squire” – Tyler Childers – Country Squire
  • “If You Want a Fool Around” – Mike & The Moonpies – Cheap Silver and Solid Country Gold
  • “I Can Be Your Whiskey” – Erin Enderlin – Chapter Two: I Can Be You Whiskey
  • “Breakfast” – Darrin Bradbury – Talking Dogs and Atom Bombs (9-20)
  • “Willie Nelson’s Wall” – Vincent Neil Emerson – Fried Chicken & Evil Women (9-13)
  • “Letter to Madeline” – Ian Noe – Between The Country
  • “I Left My One Spot (Back at the 5 Spot)” – Elijah Ocean – (single)
  • “Anyhow” – Kelsey Waldon – White Noise, White Lines (10-4)
  • “One Dime At A Time – Bruce Robison, Kelly Willis – Beautiful Lie
  • “Country Radio” – Aaron Watson – Red Bandana
  • “After You” – Joseph Huber – Moondog
  • “Taking Water” – Billy Strings – HOME (9-27)
  • “Rodeo” – Charlie Marie – Self-Titled EP
  • “Bury My Bones” – Whiskey Myers – Self-Titled (9-27)
  • “I’m William Callahan – Chris Knight – Almost Daylight (10-11)
  • “The Wheels Of Laredo”  – Tanya Tucker – While I’m Livin’
  • “Hard Time with The Truth” – Kendell Marvel – Solid Gold Sounds (10-11)
  • “Depression, Descent” – Leslie Stevens – Sinner
  • “We Were Something” – Shane Smith & the Saints – Hail Mary
  • “Basket Case” – Gethen Jenkins – Western Gold
  • “Alice” – Jamie Lin Wilson – (single)
  • “Cussin At The Light” – Jason Hawk Harris – Love & The Dark
  • “Die From a Broken Heart” – Maddie & Tae – (single)
  • “The Valley” – Charley Crockett – The Valley (9-20)
  • “Heartache Medication” – Jon Pardi – Heartache Medication (9-27)

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