Newest Adds to Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist (#104)

The Saving Country Music Top 25 Playlist is built to keep you informed on all the best songs and albums coming out right here, right now in country and roots music. It’s available on most all streaming formats (see below), or you can just use the song, artist, and album recommendations to find something new to listen to. New songs just added.

Newest Additions:

Sierra Ferrell – “Years” – When John Anderson first dropped this song on us as the title track to his 2020 comeback album, we knew it would immediately ensconce itself as one of his top tracks in a legendary career right beside all his old hits. A cover song must be especially compelling to make the Top 25 Playlist, and that’s what Sierra Ferrell has turned in here ahead of the John Anderson tribute album out August 5th.

The Broken Spokes – “All I Hear You Say” – This is your opportunity to onboard with this traditional country outfit from Houston, TX that’s about to unleash a new album of classic country goodness on July 15th called Where I Went Wrong. The Broken Spokes are your next favorite Texas honky tonk band.

Zoe Cummins, Gabe Lee – “Common Law” – “Earlier this year Zoe and Andy Wills wrote a witty love song about the concept of common law relationships,” says Gabe Lee. “It took some begging but I eventually convinced Zoe to let me sing it with her as a duet.” Just a single for now, but keep an eye out for new projects from both of these artists soon. The song was co-written by Stefanie Joyce.

Kimberly Kelly – “Honky Tonk Town” – This late bloomer from Texas has just released her official debut album I’ll Tell You What’s Gonna Happen (the title taken from a Billy Joe Shaver quote), and it’s delightfully outdated with 90s country music goodness. The dueling twangy Telecasters starting off this honky tonk scorcher make it the perfect lead off for the Top 25 Playlist.

Willi Carlisle – “Vanlife” – Willi Carlisle has been the best kept secret in independent country for too long, but he’s about to bust out national with his upcoming release, Peculiar, Missouri out July 15th. Carlisle’s songwriting is exceptional, and “Vanlife” is like a modern version of a Roger Miller road song, with extra heaping helpings of excellent traditional country instrumentation. Carlisle got a concussion falling off a van making the video for this song. The least you can do is give it a listen.

American Aquarium – “Waking Up the Echoes” – If sad songs make you happy, BJ Barham and American Aquarium have your medicine. Their new album Chicamacomico is full of ’em, but “Waking Up the Echoes” is one to not be overlooked, and is tragically relevant to so many of our lives.

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Please Note: The songs on this playlist are curated for listening pleasure and flow. Otherwise, they are not in any specific order.

Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist:

  • “Honky Tonk Town” – Kimberly Kelly – I’ll Tell You What’s Gonna Happen
  • “Russell County Line” – 49 Winchester – Fortune Favors The Bold
  • “All I Hear You Say” – The Broken Spokes – Where I Went Wrong (7-15)
  • “Always The Outsider” – Stacy Antonel – Always The Outsider
  • “Weatherman” – Matt Daniel – All I’ll Ever Need
  • “Years” – Sierra Ferrell – Something Borrowed, Something New: A Tribute to John Anderson (8-5)
  • “You Said Goodbye” – The Slocan Ramblers – Up The Hill and Through The Fog
  • “Vanlife” – Willi Carlisle – Peculiar, Missouri (7-15)
  • “Biloxi By Two” – Ellis Bullard – Piss-Hot Freightlining Country Music
  • “Sad Songs” – Jaelee Roberts – Something You Didn’t Count On
  • “Common Law” – Zoe Cummins, Gabe Lee – (single)
  • “Back Home” – Arlo McKinley w/ Logan Halstead – This Mess We’re In (7-15)
  • “Heavy Eyes” – Zach Bryan – American Heartbreak
  • “jackson” – Kaitlin Butts – What Else Can She Do?
  • “Son of Appalachia” – Tim Goodin – Son of Appalachia EP
  • “I’m Going Crazy” – Jordan Foster – I Need A Train
  • “A Song Can’t Fix Everything” – Sunny Sweeney w/ Paul Cauthen – Married Alone (9-23)
  • “Bourbon Whiskey” – William Beckmann – Faded Memories
  • “Dusty Bottles” – Willie Nelson – A Beautiful Time
  • “Scale These Walls” – Caroline Spence – True North
  • “Waking Up The Echoes” – American Aquarium – Chicamacomico
  • “Gone” – Michelle Rivers – Chasing Somewhere
  • “Wild & Blue” – Brent Cobb – Something Borrowed, Something New: A Tribute to John Anderson (8-5)
  • “Beyond The Stars” – Tami Neilson, Willie Nelson – Kingmaker (7-15)
  • “Harder Stuff” – Adam Hood, Miranda Lambert – Bad Days Better (TBA)
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