No, The Randy Rogers Band is NOT Playing at Trump’s Presidential Inauguration


Deep breaths everybody, deep breaths. You can put your pitchforks away. Yes, The Randy Rogers Band will be playing in Washington D.C. for a function that runs parallel with the Presidential inauguration in January, but it is a long-running event that’s been held since 1953 by the Texas State Society called Black Tie and Boots in Oxon Hill, Maryland that has become one of the most prestigious events leading up to the inauguration for the last 60 years, but has no direct affiliation with Mr. Trump’s official inauguration itself.

After a plethora of media outlets reported on the inaugural performance with click bait headlines to bamboozle you into thinking Randy Rogers was strapping on his six string in solidarity with Trump, which would be tantamount to pledging allegiance to Satan and taking the stage to bite the heads off of babies in some people’s minds, Randy Rogers was forced to publicly address the situation on Wednesday (12-21) to douse the fires being stoked to burn him at the stake.

“Calm down, everybody. We are playing an event for the Texas State Society in DC. It’s grand, historic and an honor,” he said on Twitter.

It could have been Hillary Clinton being inaugurated, or the Purple People Eater, and this event would still be occurring, and someone would play the music for it. As Randy Rogers says, it’s an honor for a Texas band to be chosen for the event, and they booked the gig before Trump was elected.

The musical performers for the Trump inauguration has been a hot button issue in country music and beyond as planners struggle to find anyone willing to step up. Garth Brooks’ name was bandied about for a while, and his publicist said, “Garth has performed for the five living presidents. While rumor has it that he has been asked to perform for President-elect Trump, he has not been able to commit yet.” Garth himself told TMZ, “It’s always about serving. It’s what you do.”

But apparently the idea of Garth playing was 86’d at some point. Some reports have said ambassadorships have been offered for a big name to perform the inauguration, while other big names have been turned down like Andrea Bocelli. Young classical singer Jackie Evancho will sing the National Anthem, while Big & Rich have been tapped to play a function for the Recording Industry Association of America, a.k.a. The Grammys, probably because nobody else wanted to be mischaracterized as playing Trump’s inauguration (see The Randy Rogers Band). 

Can’t wait for four years of this shit.

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