October is a Long Way Away (+new site to check out)

I know a lot of you are still miffed even though we finally got a release date for Damn Right, Rebel Proud simply because Curb Records has been jacking Shelton around for so long, and I know even more of you are miffed that we got to wait four months for it.

Listen, all I got to say is that I’m pissed too, but you just can’t release an album through a major label overnight. This shit takes time. And something that might’ve pushed the project back a little was when they added the new tracks, ‘Three Shades of Black’ & ‘Working Man.’ And hell, I don’t blame Shelton for trying to cram as many tracks on this album as he can, because you never know when the next one is coming out.

If Curb Records does anything to help promote Damn Right I’ll eat my hat, but it looks like on this album Hank III ain’t gonna wait for Curb and he’s going to do his own promotion. But to do this you have to space things out on the calendar properly, not considering actually making the CD’s and getting them to the stores.

For example this was the last and only music video ever made for a III song, off of his first album:

So III this time said fuck it, if Curb isn’t making any music videos, I’ll do it my derned self. That’s where the ‘Mud as Fuck’ shoot came in, and the video for ‘Long Hauls and Close Calls’ is being made from that footage.

By the way, rumor is the ‘Long Hauls’ video is coming out September 30th. In my personal opinion, that song is the best one Shelton has ever written, and since it contains no cussin’, it could be a break out radio hit if they can just figure out what format to play it in.

But if you’re itching for the new III and are pissed off it’s going to take so long, all I can say is that I feel your pain, but pretty much there’s nothing we can do. I’d hate to push for it to come out sooner, and then the production or distribution or promotion is poor on Curb’s end.

But if you’re itching to get your listen on, here’s some stuff you can check out:

–The proverbial house organ of freehank3.org, Tim Pop Live has a new show up. There’s also a spanking new podcast called Punk & Beans Radio . There’s only one episode up, but what I’ve heard so far they play Hank III and a lot of the old school country stuff.

Another cool thing to check out is and to fill your Hank III jones is THIS SITE . Click on “Hank III’s Wild Ride” and then you can arrange video and watch them in your own order and all this stuff. This site is SICK!

Another thing we can do to make sure that Damn Right makes it out on October 21st is to pre-order it online through Amazon or whoever, or through a local music store once it is available. If there are enough orders, this kind of obligates Curb to put the CD out, and also labels will sometimes judge the promotion they will put behind an album or even how many albums they’ll make by the amount of pre-order sales, so this is another way we can help Shelton out. I’ll keep an eye out and let you know when and where you can pre-order online.

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