OFFICIAL News on Hank III Tour Dates

From, this is the official word on the Hank 3 tour dates:

“All dates that have been released by various web sites for May have been postponed. If you recently purchased tickets, consult the location where you did so for information regarding their policy. Many outlets and venues may honor those tickets when the next tour does kick off – which we hope to be very soon. Please look only to our Tour section and official MySpace page for future shows and announcements. Once either is fully confirmed, they will be posted there.”

It blows my mind how dates could be posted on venues websites, and even more, that you could purchase tickets when these dates had yet to be confirmed by the upper brass of the Hank III camp. The way I put my list of dates together was by going to the specific venue’s websites and making sure that tickets were available for purchase, NOT relying on rumors, word of mouth, blogs, or chat room banter.

In my opinion, this is all evidence of why all the peoples of the world need to stop all war and conflict, get naked, join hands, and take one big collective shit on Tickemaster.

Ticketmaster will sell you a ticket to anything, even if the event doesn’t exist, that way they can hold your money. Sure you can use that money toward a future date, but what if YOU are not available on that future date, or you decide you want to see the great Shelton Hank Williams III in a different city?

Either way, I certainly apologize to anybody who got a date from me, purchased a ticket, and is now navigating a cluster-fucked phone tree trying to get their money back. I also apologize the the Hank III upper brass if I dropped a poop in their punch bowl in any way. And while I’m in the vein of apologizing, I also want to apologize to the Catholic church for being a fornicator.

So the word out there is that the tour will hopefully be going down in June sometime, and that they hold up has to do with them working in a new drummer.

No word on what the Damn Band lineup will be, though its for sure not going to include the previous drummer Munash Sami. No word on an opening act either, and this might rely on when the tour is actually going to go down and what bands are available. There was an ad for the Meridian down in the Bayou City of Houston saying that Big Red Goad was opening; the same dude that opened Hank’s Spring/Summer last year, but this could’ve just been confusion.

I’ll let you guys know when I hear any more OFFICIAL words on the tour, and you can also check out his website,, and their official MySpace page.

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