On Top of Everything Else, Sierra Ferrell Kills On Fiddle Too

via YouTube (Music City Maven)

I’m not even really sure if Sierra Ferrell is a real person at this point, or if she is some sort of mythical siren born of musical demigods that drifts onto stages and serenades us with her whimsical expressions like a seance of Appalachian apparitions. Her recorded offerings are quite fetching too of course, but in the live theater, few are as arresting as Sierra, and that is one of the many reasons so many videos capturing her spirit have gone viral, and folks seek them out with such ferocity.

Along with her alluring original songs, Sierra Ferrell is also a voluminous tomb of old-time mountain songs and fiddle reels, sometimes adapting these archaic compositions to her liking, and sometimes rendering them in their most authentic form. It’s not just the wandering gypsy in her voice, but her guitar playing that is enrapturing and elevated in skill for most singers and songwriters. Sierra Ferrell truly is the full package of a musical performer.

But who knew she was also so adept at fiddle? I mean, of course she is. She’s Sierra Ferrell. Yes, devout followers of her have probably known this to be true for a while, and of course the native West Virginian has been heavily influenced by bluegrass her whole life. But here in 2022, she’s been featuring herself on fiddle in the song “Fox Trot,” wowing audiences across the country. Some less than perfect video of it has surfaced previously, but leave it up to Music City Maven to capture a pretty good rendition of the song at Sierra Ferrell’s performance at the Basement East in Nashville earlier in April (see below).

Of course, Sierra Ferrell also has a full-time fiddle player in her traveling entourage in the form of Josie Toney. A fiddle champion originally from Olympia, Washington, Josie is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, earning the Sam Eisenson Award for Country Music. Josie Toney is Sierra’s ace in the hole, but when Sierra joins her on the fiddle, it’s something even more magical. Really, Sierra entire band right now has found about the perfect musical chemistry.

It won’t be much longer that Sierra Ferrell is playing venues as small as The Basement East. In fact she’s had to play residencies at the venue to satisfy demand, and they all sell out. And there’s also the ever-present possibility she will just vaporize and return to the cosmos from where she came at any moment, so see her live when you can.

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