One Big Goddamn Hellbilly Family

Saturday morning I woke up after sleeping one off, and listened to Tim Pop’s 100th podcast, and then listened to It Burns When I Pee’s latest offering. Both shows were great, and after listening, I got this weird sense, like there was something big going on. Something very big. I guess I’ve always known that there’s this underground country movement swelling up from the bowels of the country, but it was almost like it was taking one big step forward.

On IBWIP, they interviewed Rachel Brooke who is good friends with Tim Pop, they mentioned a comment I left in passing on their MySpace site, the Hank III Coalition won their contest.

They also announced that they will be doing their show next month from the Metal Farm Magazine release party in Cincinnati.

Then I read this amazing blog from Cathy, and it hit me.

Man this thing is big, and getting bigger.

And it may not include millions of people, but the people who are in it are in heart and soul.

And the whole thing is bookended with Hank Sr. & Hank III. When Hank Sr. got kicked out of the Opry, that’s when it all started. That’s when money became the most important power broker in Nashville. Waylon Jennings and the original Outlaws proved that, and Waymore made light of it in his song ‘Are you Sure Hank Done It This Way?’ Then Shelton comes along, and right out of the gate declares he’s an Outlaw, and even better sees with GREAT WISDOM what is going on in Nashville, where the lines need to be drawn and the battle needs to be fought.

I don’t know that this post is going anywhere, except to say that this Big Hellbilly Family is as strong as it ever was, and is growing. I can feel it. And I feel humbled to be a part of it in any small way.

Partly spurned by soul-inspiring weekend, and partly by circumstances, partly by MySpace screwing up my last two blogs, I am working on completely revamping There are no noticeable changes at this moment, but when I’m done with it, it’s going to be a place where people who are not on MySpace can not just be informed, but also participate. It will also hopefully DRAMATICALLY increase the exposure this movement has all over the internet.

It will also make this blog much more accessible to people, and make it easier to find information in blogs. I’m not leaving MySpace don’t worry, but there are lots of people out there that think MySpace is full of fags and whorebots, and don’t want anything to do with it, and I want those people to be able to participate too.

It might be a couple of days or a couple of weeks before it’s done, it just depends on how much time I got to throw at it, and how many pinche problemos come up. I let you know when it’s live.

Other Stuff:

You can go to now and see some of the art that is going to be displayed at the Metal Farm release party in Cinci. God dammit I wish I could go, but it’d cost me four figures to get there.

You should also check out RustyJames. He’s got a really cool song up called ‘Hank I, II, & III.’

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