Other Things You Can Do To Help III & Sr.

You know it’s funny. When I started this blog there were some that thought there wouldn’t be enough stuff going down to blog every day, or even every other day. Today I had three different things I wanted to write about, and then something else came up and I decided to write about something completely different.


If you have not stopped by the Kawasaki Teryx site YOU’VE GOT TO CHECK IT OUT! There are a total of 5 Hank III short films. The way you get there is click on the link, then click on ‘The Terrain,’ and then click on the image of Hank III. One film is him with Hank Jr. turkey hunting, and another is a tour of the haunted ranch that’s even better than the one on the Swedish Documentary . He also shows of the room he recorded Damn Right, Rebel Proud in. It’s awesome and you GOT to check it out.

Speaking of the Swedish Documentary, This Dude just uploaded a new , cleaner version of the documentary on YouTube. You can find the first video HERE and then navigate to the other videos from there.

Other Things You Can Do To Help:

It seems like there is still a lot of anger out there at Curb Records, and people want to do stuff to help. First, I’d say at the moment let’s focus that anger towards getting Hank Sr. reinstated to the Grand Ole Opry, but there are some other things we can do to help Shelton out in general.

1. Buy Merch

Now listen, I’m not going to try to convince you to buy some shit that you don’t want, but the simple sad fact of the modern recording industry is that artists make SIGNIFICANTLY more money off their merchandise than they do their music. So if you see something you like on 3BAY and you want to help Shelton out, pony up. They just put a new pair of VOX shoes up there so check them out.

There’s some people out there giving shit to Hank III for signing so many deals with people like Kawasaki or VOX or Guild. First, he’s been with VOX and Guild for years, and what you have to understand is IF CURB RECORDS WOULD LET HIM SELL HIS MUSIC maybe he wouldn’t need to sign any more deals. Simple fact is I’m sure Shelton would be much rather selling his music than shoes or 4 wheelers. But even then, he’s seems really selective with what he’ll endorse or sell, and it’s only stuff that fits his lifestyle.

Any celebrity can cross a line with their endorsement deals and such, but in my opinion, III is nowhere close to crossing that line. And when you figure in that Curb has been bending him over the barrel for so long, I don’t blame him for trying to put together a little extra green. Same way I won’t ever blame Willie Nelson for doing what he has to do for money, because the IRS had him bent over a barrel for years.

2. Repost Messages

There’s a lot of great people posting a lot of great stuff on the MySpace bulletin board, esp. Cathy But there’s many many others. If you want to repost a bulletin, heres a trick:

1. Click ‘reply.’

2. Then copy the original message verbatim.

3. Then click ‘Post Bulletin’ and paste it into the message.

4. Then fill out a title and you’re good to go. It posts the original bulletin verbatim, images, links and all. AND the original poster still gets credit.

I learned this trick from Hellbilly Tomcat

3. Help Reinstate Hank:

Really Free Hank III and Reinstate Hank Sr. are two peas in a pod, so you can help III out by helping Reinstate Hank. Hell, III’s the one in charge over there anyway.

Right now were asking people to call the Opry. Click here for more details on this.

Well shit, my fingers are tired, but I wanted to get all of this out there.

Thanks to all of you people out there reading this stuff.

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