Outlaw Afternoons in Luckenbach

Brigitte LondonTONIGHT (12-9) at the stroke of midnight Central time, The Highwaywoman Brigitte London, a great songwriter and editor of Outlaw Magazine will be on Big G’s Texas Roadshow, streaming online at revfmradio.com.

Brigitte will be talking about among other things “Outlaw Afternoons in Luckenbach” which will be a monthly event running from March to October starting March 20th, featuring herself and WC Jameson and a featured artist. And of course through the magic of the interwebs we can all be a part of it. Outlaw Magazine and Brigitte are also starting a radio show on outlawmagazine.com called the “Highwaywoman Radio Hour”, that will be broadcast Sunday nights at 6 and 10 PM Central.

And if not of that cranks your motor, you should at least check out Brigitte London’s music. Here she is playing “Saddle Mountain,” with Richie Albright, the long time drummer for Waylon Jennings.

And here’s Brigitte performing with a much much less legendary drummer:

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