Outlaw Compilation Track List & Cover!

Outlaw Radio Chicago Compilation Volume 1 CoverWell I finally have the official Outlaw Radio Compilation Vol. 1 in my dirty little hands and let me tell you, what a thing it is to behold. I am just amazed at the work Jashie P of the Outlaw Radio Podcast did to put this whole thing together. I have a review of the CD coming, including a review for each and every song, but let me just say, if you think that this is a compilation of no names and tracks left on the cutting house floor, you’re dead wrong. Some of the songs are the best I’ve ever heard from the artists.

Anyway, I’ll save the rest for the review, but since there has been some confusion about the release date and a lot of interest in the track list, I thought I would go ahead and get that out to everyone. 22 tracks dag nabbit, all previously unreleased material!

The release date is going to be May 25th. Yes, at one point it was going to be early May, but then there were delays. Then it was going to be June 1st, but now things are ahead of schedule. So May 25th it is. Yes, the same day Hank III’s Rebel Within comes out. Think of it as like a double barrel shotgun blast at bland pop country.

If you pre-ordered, you might already have your copy, or will get it shortly. There’s only a few more days left to order the CD at $9, and then the price will jump a couple bucks, so don’t dottle. Head over to savingcountrymusic.com/outlaw-radio and order probably like about a dozen of those puppies. They cure what ails ya, and stay crispy in milk!

Cover and artwork done by BJ and Coley at Silent Storm Design.

Outlaw Radio Chicago Compilation Volume 1 Cover

Outlaw Radio Chicago Compilation Volume 1 CD

  1. The Dad Horse Experience–Gates of Heaven (Vinyl Version)
  2. Ol’ Red Shed–Another Round
  3. Black Eyed Vermillion & Andy Gibson–Death Don’t Have No Mercy
  4. Bob Wayne–Ain’t No Diesel Trucks in Heaven
  5. Rachel Brooke–Closer Still
  6. Ted Russell Kamp–My Heart Has a Mind Of Its Own
  7. Ronnie Hymes–Sea of Sin
  8. Joey Allcorn–Gone, But Not Forgotten Blues
  9. Those Poor Bastards–The Minister’s Doom
  10. Dave Smith and the Country Rebels–Price to Pay
  11. Last False Hope–$2 Pints
  12. Izzy and the Kesstronics–Gotta Do What I Wanna Do
  13. The Fisticuffs–The Ballad of Bill Blizzard
  14. The Boomswagglers–Run You Down
  15. Roger Alan Wade–Breakfast At Audrey’s
  16. Little Lisa Dixie–Cheating Games
  17. .357 String Band–Restless Man Blues
  18. Six Gun Britt–Hard Habit To Break
  19. Hellbound Glory–Livin’ On Pabst Blue Ribbon
  20. The Goddamn Gallows–Waitin’ Around to Die (live)
  21. Joe Buck Yourself–Big River (live)
  22. Lucky Tubb & The Modern Day Troubadours–Thanks A Lot (live)

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