Outlaw Magazine Features & Hank III / Reinstate News

Outlaw MagazineOutlaw Magazine has some great new features up. If you go to the site, scroll down a bit and click on the “Features” tag you can read a great article on Roger Alan Wade, who also speaks about his cousin Johnny Knoxville.

Also if you look under the “Live” tab there is a Hank III concert review written by someone whose name you might recognize, and that same person also has an article under the “Editorial” tab if you haven’t seen it yet.

Speaking of Hank III in concert, according to a bulletin from the Hank III camp on MySpace “We will have some new east coast dates to post real soon fer y’all” !!

There is also a new submission for the Reinstate Hank Video Contest, which actually started with Outlaw Magazine. It is from Manda Panda from File 13 Clothing. Check it out:

Great job Manda! Very heartfelt. And please everyone, go to YouTube and rate/comment. And there is still time for YOU to make a video and enter the contest with a big stack of prizes that includes CD’s, A DVD, merch, lots of cool stuff.

But time is running out. Please let me know if you intend to make a video. I’ll keep the contest open as long as I know more videos are on the way. Also if you want to make a video but need a webcam, simply email me and one will be delivered right to your door!

Reinstate Hank Williams

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