Outlaw Radio – New Station & New Time

Well I’m finally back in the States, and I’m happy to report that I made it out of Mexico with my life, limbs, possessions, personal wealth (what little of it there is), and still creating solid stool. I’m not sure what was more scary, or exciting: the ever-present potential of kidnapping and muggery, or the oversaturated presence of 16-year-olds with M-16’s and grenade launchers on the backs of tanks deployed throughout the country to protect the public from the former. But one thing is sure, its a beautiful country with beautiful people, and I saw more cowboy hats in the average Mexican town than you’ll see on the streets of Nashville. No, I wasn’t hanging out in Kenny Chesney’s Cancun or Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo. I was in search of REAL Mexico, and I’d like to think I found it.

But I digress.

The real news here is that the weekly REAL country podcast Outlaw Radio has moved to a new station, and a new time. It can now be heard on Scrub Radio Wednesday nights at 8 PM Central. The show will be archived now at savingcountrymusic.com/outlaw-radio on Thursdays.

The last episode is now up there, delayed slightly by my Mexico junket, and tonight’s installment is going to be a special One Band Band episode. You can also participate on Scrub Radio in live chats during the podcast. You might even see me hanging out there.

And if that ain’t enough podcast action for you, the latest White Trash Revival Episode has an interview with Edwin Clarence Graves.

Stay tuned to Saving Country Music, because I’m going to be doing a lot of new and exciting things in the near and long term (details coming), and as soon as I get some photos and such uploaded I’ll put a link up on the message board.

It’s time to take this thing to another level.