Outlaw Radio Now On SavingCountryMusic.com !!!

Outlaw RadioFor the past 38 weeks, Outlaw Radio has been playing REAL country music every Tuesday night at 9 PM Central, and interviewing guests like Hank III, Wayne “The Train” Hancock, Joe Buck, Roger Alan Wade, the .357 String Band, and many others. The show is aired live on punkandbeansradio.com, but in the past, if you missed the show, you were out of luck.

Well I am happy to announce that Outlaw Radio and savingcountrymusic.com have teamed up, and now you will be able to listen and/or download previous episodes HERE, on a permanent page on savingcountrymusic.com! You can also find the episodes by clicking on the “Outlaw Radio” button in the menu bar at the top of every savingcountrymusic.com page!

At the moment we only have the last episode archived there, but the new shows will be added after they are broadcast, and we are working on archiving ALL Outlaw Radio episodes there for listening and downloading.

This is just in time as well, because THIS Tuesday (4-14-09), Outlaw Radio will have Dale Watson as a guest. Then the next week there will be an interview with (4-24) Justin Townes Earle. And then the week after that Wayne “The Train” Hancock will be making his second appearance on the show.

Put a boot through your radio people. It is so permeated with pop country nowadays all it does is anger the blood. Podcasting is the way to go!

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