Patsy Cline-Inspired Charlie Marie Sets New Album “Ramble On”

Ever since honky tonk sweetheart Charlie Marie sent hearts swooning with her self-titled five-song EP in 2019, we’ve been we’ve been waiting for something new, and for the moment that hopefully might be her big country music breakout. Well ladies and gentlemen, this could be it.

On May 7th, Charlie Marie will be releasing her full-length debut album called Ramble On via Soundly Music. Recorded in Nashville with some of the folks who’ve worked with Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, Margo Price and others in the past, this is Charlie Marie’s big push to become part of the resurgent country music community looking to return country music to its roots.

From the unexpected origin point of Providence, Rhode Island, Charlie Marie first fell in love with country music at ten years old when her voice was compared to Patsy Cline by a music teacher. Inspired by the music of Patsy and Loretta Lynn that her grandmother would play when she was growing up, there’s no bandwagon for Charlie Marie to jump on as a Rhode Islander. Her love for country music comes from a sincere passion that translates into stunning results.

“I wanted the record to sound like if Patsy Cline and Dwight Yoakam had a child,” she says. “It doesn’t just symbolize everything I’m working toward; it symbolizes where I come from, too.”

This can be heard in the first song from the album called “Heard It Through The Red Wine” about alcohol opening up secrets of infidelity. “That bottle made an honest man of you,” she sings through Marlboro smoke and running mascara in the video for the song (see below).

Not completely unfamiliar with life in the South, Charlie Marie attended Belmont University in Nashville, and participated in some co-songwriting sessions while in the city, getting a serious dose of the culture and influences she had enjoyed from afar for many years before.

Charlie Marie’s 2019 EP put us on alert of the musical talent we had among our midst, and ended up being nominated for the 2019 Saving Country Music Album of the Year. Hopefully Ramble On is the moment the rest of the country music world wakes you to the talent of Charlie Marie.

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