Poppa Chubby & Galea in Vicious Country

Vicious Country

Take one of the best living guitar players pound for pound (and Chubby’s got a few pounds to count), and the most bad-ass bass plucking bad housewife whose got more balls than the boys blabbing out bad country on 98.1, and you got yourself some pretty Vicious Country my friends.

Vicious Country is full tilt people, so keep your hands inside the compartment, secure your personal belongings, and hang on for a wild ride. This album careens through country, blues, and good ol’ rock n’ roll like a runaway roller coaster with great original songs, as well as covers like “Race With the Devil,” “Six Days on the Road,” Merle Haggard’s “Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down,” and Hank Williams III’s “Straight to Hell.”

And Popa Chubby and Galea Bad Hosewife, married as they may be, are not modeling themselves after Sonny and Cher. Nor is this like Lucy begging Desi to be a part of the show.

Galea brings her bass walking chops to the table, and superb songwriting with songs like “Mona Lisa Tattoo” and “Sam Lay’s Pistol.” And Galea didn’t just “go country.” Hell, she’s wondering where you’ve all been. Her grandfather was a champion bull rider and her father was a truck driver, and on her first album Diary of a Bad Housewife she covered songs like “Truck Driving Man” and “Brand New Key (Combine Harvester).” As she says in the liner notes of the album “This shit kicking music makes me happy.” It does us too Galea.

And then there’s Poppa Chubby: The big man with the big guitar. If you’ve never heard of him, well then you better get that taken care of. If you don’t get him, then check you’re pulse. He’s not named after popping a Chubby for nothing. What could I say that his guitar couldn’t say better? Ladies, get ready to whip your panties on stage:

fast forward to 3:15 if you have to

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The CD also comes with two video clips, including:



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Keep it vicious.

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