Pre-Order Damn Right Rebel Proud Now! (+ Reinstate Hank Event)

Damn Right, Rebel Proud Now Can be Pre-Ordered!!

You can pre-order it on Amazon by CLICKING HERE, or you can check your favorite online CD store to see if you can pre-order through them.

Why is this important?

Because it means there’s no turning back for Curb Records. Now they HAVE TO release the album. No more pushing back dates forever.

Why pre-order??

My guess is Curb Records won’t do dick to promote this album, just like they haven’t done dick to promote Hank III’s previous ones. But the amount of pre-order sales can sometimes determine how much promotion a label will put behind an album, or how many of the albums they’ll make, or how well distributed they will be.

Pre-orders are a way for a label to judge interest in an album or artists, so we want them to know that Hank III’s fan base is big, strong, and has cash to burn, and they better damn get III’s next album out without all the bullshit games.

And also do Hank III a favor and tell your friends, family, whoever to pre-order it too. Refer them to this blog or repost my pre-order bulletin.

Another good sign is that Curb has been making the album available to media, DJ’s, etc. for preview and review purposes. So if your a DJ or a music writer, do what you got to do to get your grubby little fingers on a copy so we can spread the word.

I’ll tell you. Having an artist like Keith Neltner on your side is one hell of an asset. I got to imagine he’s the one that put this art up promoting the Metal Farm Magazine release party on September 6th in Cincinnati. This is also a de facto Reinstate Hank rally because that is the main subject of Metal Farm’s first issue, and the official petition book will be on hand. So will the Kentucky Struts so if you’re in driving distance, mark that bad boy on your calendar. It should be a hell of a time.

I’m hoping to get my belated copy of Metal Farm in any day, and as soon as I do I’ll put a review up here for you.

Other Shit:

To help spread the word about the movement to Reinstate Hank into the Grand Ole Opry, I put a banner up on my site with the HTML code below it, so my MySpace page is another place you can refer people to to pick up a banner.

Also, I haven’t been growing bored with this thing, I’ve just been working my arse off lately. That’s the reason I haven’t been here very much. Hopefully that will change soon and I can get blog happy again. Until then, I’ll be listening to Tim Pop Live’s All Country Show (it says he talks about Reinstate Hank) and trying to find time to chill.

Until next time . . .

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