Rachel Brooke’s “Late Night Lover” 7″ Out January 3rd

Michigan songbird Rachel Brooke has a new project on the way that can now be pre-ordered called Late Night Lover. It is a 7″ vinyl 4-song release that will only be sold in a limited-edition 500 numbered quantity accompanied by a digital download card. Late Night Lover is being released on the heels of her full length album Down in the Barnyard, which was named SCM’s Most Essential Album of the Year. But as Rachel explains, the projects are not very similar.

“In my own mind it’s completely different. I feel it is a better representation of my work, writing, and style. It’s also a more personal release. It’s not a grand production, it’s not meant to blow anyone away. I almost view it as a little handmade gift to people who really understand what I’m trying to do. It’s special.

Late Night Lover features just Rachel and her guitar, and as the title implies, the songs were recorded late at night. Rachel has a theme and purpose for the release.

These songs were meant to be together. Although this album is short, it is one complete thought/story to me. And to be honest, I still might include one of these on my next album..It’s weird. When I write songs, I hear them complete with various instruments, vocal harmonies, and percussion. But I also hear them with just an acoustic guitar, and that’s it. So, I almost feel that I’m not quite finished with a few of these, but at the same time VERY satisfied with the way they are now.

“This release is significant to me at this time because I’m moving away from the “solo” sound. Both in performances and releases. I just have all these “full sounds” just aching to get out of my brain, so I’m not sure when the next “simple” release will be. I’m not saying it wont happen, but it will be few and far between from now on.

The cover photo was done by Kelly Kustra with a film camera and minimal editing.

I want people to understand that you don’t need alot of fancy photos, equipment, production, or anything like that. Some things sound the best without all that, and I think more people should explore that idea.

Late Night Lover will be release on January 3rd, 2012.

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