Randall King’s Major Label Debut Album “Shot Glass” Coming

George Jones once famously asked, “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?” Well when it comes to the buttoned-up, straight-ahead style of country music indicative of George Strait and others, the answer from the new generation of performers is Randall King.

It’s been a long time coming for Randall’s official major label debut album. He signed with Warner Nashville back in 2019, and since then was only a succession of singles, and a rather excellent 4-song EP dedicated to his deceased sister called Leanna. But the new album named Shot Glass will finally arrive on March 18th, and it will hopefully goose the prominence of a guy who’s already garnered a strong following already.

“This record is four years in the making, and there are a lot of things I’ve gone through in those years,” says King. “Heartbreak, love, loss, fear, anger, peace. You hear all of that through this record. It’s a piece of me that I love and can’t wait to share with the world, for it to resonate and hit folks right where they need. There are songs I’ve written over the last five years on this record, some I’ve played out and some nobody has heard yet. I’m excited to drop it and let it off the chain!”

Produced by Bart Butler and Ryan Gore, the album will feature eleven tracks, including seven co-written by King himself. In typical major label fashion, the album includes quite a few songs that have already been released, namely “Hey Cowgirl,” “Record High,” “Baby Do,” and “You In A Honky Tonk,” and King’s version of “I’ll Fly Away” from the Leanna EP.

The good news is that all of these songs are pretty great examples of traditional country music. So anyone worried a major label release may corrupt Randall King shouldn’t be.

A fourth generation hay hauler from the West Texas plains, Randall King is originally from the tiny town of Hereford, just west of Amarillo. He kicked around the Texas scene for a while before getting the attention of Nashville, releasing an EP in 2016, and then a self-titled release in 2018 that had traditional country music fans singing his praises. Randall King also received national recognition when Garth Brooks cut his song “The Road I’m On” for his album FUN.

Randall King is also set to make his Grand Ole Opry debut on March 15th. Shot Glass can now be pre-saved.


1. Baby Do (Randall King, Brandon Kinney, Brice Long)
2. Record High (Rodney Clawson, John Pierce, Drake Milligan)
3. You In A Honky Tonk (John King, Matt Rogers, Brandon Day)
4. Can’t You Feel How That Sounds (Randall King, Brandon Kinney, Brice Long)
5. Roger, Miller Lite and Me (Randall King, Brandon Kinney)
6. Hey Cowgirl (Randall King, Brice Long, Mark Nesler)
7. Hard Way To Make It Rain (Randall King, Dan Smalley)
8. Middle of Nowhere Church (Randall King, Jeffrey Steele)
9. Around Forever (Randall King, Will Bundy, Josh Miller)
10. Shot Glass (Tony Lane, Brett James)
11. I’ll Fly Away (Albert E. Brumley)

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