Ray Wylie Hubbard to Release New Album “Tell The Devil I’m Getting There As Fast As I Can”


Ray Wylie Hubbard will add to his legacy of bone-rattling grit and groove, and hymnals that speak to a weary soul torn between the battle of good and evil when he releases his latest record Tell The Devil I’m Getting There As Fast As I Can on his own Bordello Records via Thirty Tigers. The brand new 11 self-produced tracks will be brought out in the light on August 18th.

“There’s a definite beginning, middle, and end to this record,” says Hubbard. “It starts with ‘Genesis,’ and at the ending, there I am trying to plead my case before the court of heaven, hoping I’ve got a good lawyer.”

In his recent run of albums, Ray has delved increasingly deeper into the holy and profane, not afraid to evoke the name of the Archangel, just as much as a religious entity as a folk character. You kind of give him a personality, you know?” says Hubbard from his “Shangri-la” home in Wimberley, TX just outside of Austin. “Like in ‘Lucifer and the Fallen Angels,’ you pick up this guy hitchhiking to Mobile, Alabama, and he’s just this colorful kind of smart-ass, funky cat. It reminds me of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire,’ where you’ve got Marlon Brando as this brute in a torn T-shirt, but what he’s saying is brilliant, because his words are from Tennessee Williams. I always enjoy that.” 

Ray Wylie has just released the title track from the album (listen below), which features contributions from Eric Church and Lucinda Williams. Church and Hubbard have become chummy over the last year or so after Eric unexpectedly name dropped Hubbard in the song “Mr. Misunderstood”—the title track from his latest album. Church then invited Hubbard up on stage at a show in Dallas in February. Like much of Hubbard’s music, the song finds Ray Wylie talking shop about a blues musician’s tools of the trade, as do other songs from the new album like “Dead Thumb King,” “Open G,” while “Old Wolf is an ode to blues player Howlin’ Wolf.

Also making guest appearances on the album are Austin’s Patty Griffin on the album’s final track “In Times of Cold,” and the Bright Light Social Hour on the psychedelic “The Rebellious Sons.”

“So I basically sat down with the intent to write this mythological, Holy Grail/Games of Thrones kind of thing,” Hubbard explains about the song. “I knew they’d be perfect for it.”

The album was recorded at The Zone in Dripping Springs, Texas, with Hubbard’s son Lucas on lead guitar, touring drummer Kyle Schneider slapping skins, as well as Jeff Plankenhorn on dobro and mandolin, Bukka Allen on B3 organ, and studio owner Mike Morgan and engineer Pat Manskee on bass.

Ray Wylie Hubbard will also be on tour for much of 2017 promoting the album.

ray-wylie-hubbard-tell-the-devil-im-gettin-there-as-fast-as-i-canTRACK LIST:

  1. God Looked Around
  2. Dead Thumb King
  3. Spider Snaker and Little Sun
  4. Lucifer and the Fallen Angels
  5. Open G
  6. House of the White Rose Bouquet
  7. Tell The Devil I’m Gettin’ There As Fast As I Can
  8. The Rebellious Sons
  9. Old Wolf
  10. Prayer
  11. In Times of Cold