Reading Way Too Much Into the Recent Tyler Childers Tease

This story has been updated.

Tyler Childers is about to release the greatest country music album in the history of ever, and it’s going to be so monstrously epic, it will rain holy hell down upon the oligarchs on Music Row in Nashville, destroying the corrupt country music industry for good and forever, while a spring of renewal sweeps across the entire country music community from coast to coast, re-instilling the roots and a true meritocracy to the music, while all real country music fans hold hands and sing out in infinite hosannas.

…or, he’s teasing a brand activation with L.L. Bean that will introduce their exclusive fall season catalog with great casual designs perfect for every occasion.

Truth is, we don’t know what the hell is going on. But after about a two-year drought of really any information or new music from Tyler Childers aside from the announcement of a few one-off shows and festival appearances, he’s dropped a teaser via his social media pages that seems to hint something big is on the offing (see below).

The short, 15-second clip appears to be a continuation the story of a mushroom-induced character from Tyler’s “All Your’n” series of videos from 2019, where among other escapades, the character gets hit on my Tyler’s cross-dressing alter ego, Tammy Chiggers. The teaser shows the character waking up in the woods in the bright light of morning, and seeing the light.

Is Tyler Childers trying to tell us something? Some have deduced that Tyler’s next album may take a decidedly Gospel or bluegrass direction, or both. After all, a lot of his recent new songs trend in that direction, including “Triune God,” “Luke Chapter 2 Verses 8-10” (a Christmas song), and of course he has his old live cut “Take My Hounds To Heaven” that has yet to receive a studio treatment. Even some of his recent cover songs like Bob Weir’s “Greatest Story Ever Told” have a religious bent.

Some fuddy-duddies loved to clutch pearls over the supposed “Satanic” imagery of some of the stuff surrounding Tyler’s last record Country Squire from 2019. Perhaps what’s next to come is a continuation of that thread, at least from a visual standpoint, and one that leads to redemption. Tyler Childers is sober now himself, after all.

Whatever happens next, will it result be the cessation of all political hostility in the United States, the resolving of grievances and differences among all peoples so the ultimate flowering of the great experiment of Democracy can unfurl in all of its brilliance for us to bask in? I’m going to go ahead and say decisively “yes.”

…or maybe he’s just getting ready to release a single to coincide with his appearance at his Healing Appalachia benefit September 23rd and 24th in West Virginia, or a really badass Mountain Dew commercial.

Either way, Tyler Childers has rendered us all super horny for whatever is coming next, whatever that happens to be.

UPDATE: On September 6th, an additional teaser video was added, showing Tyler Childers, his backing band The Food Stamps, and members of Tyler’s support crew.

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