Reba McEntire Rescued from Crumbling Building

Yeah, I know it sounds like something you’d read in a comic book, with Clark Kent dashing into a phone booth and emerging in a spandex suit to save a damsel in distress, but in a slightly less dramatic fashion, that’s what happened when Reba McEntire and a crew were touring a 100-year-old abandoned building in her home state of Oklahoma, and the structure started giving way around them—specifically the staircase—which left the parties stuck on the upper floors of the unstable structure.

Reba was in Atoka, Oklahoma on Tuesday (9-14), which is about 16 miles south of her hometown of Chockie, checking out the old brick building for possible use in an undisclosed future project. Reba was there with her current beau Rex Linn and a crew of about seven. As some members of the party were descending the staircase leading from the second to third floor, it collapsed, and caused the staircase between the second and first floor to collapse as well. One person was injured in the collapse, and was taken to a local hospital in nearby Durant with minor injuries.

The building was currently under renovations, but was believed to be more stable than it was when the crew entered it. The fire department had to be called to rescue Reba and her crew from the respective floors they were stuck on. Ladders were deployed, and the 66-year-old country star scampered out of a 2nd story window before any more of the structure could give way.

We’re not sure why Reba was in the building, whether she was perhaps scoping it out for an upcoming video or some other production, or perhaps to purchase it. A man named Coby Scherrill was also part of the touring party, and he’s the Vice President of Marketing at the FirstBank in Atoka. The good news is, everybody’s okay.

Reba McEntire is releasing a new triple album of some of her older songs done anew called Revived Remixed Revisited on October 8th.

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