Red Dirt Artist Jake Flint Dies on His Wedding Day

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What was supposed to be the most joyous day of his life ended up being his final one, as tears of happiness turned to tears of sorrow for his friends and loved ones. 37-year-old Oklahoma-based Red Dirt artist and songwriter Jake Flint passed away on Saturday, November 26th, and tragically, it was only hours after he married the love of his life, Brenda Flint. Now family, friends, and fans of Jake Flint are trying to process the tragedy, as they remember a life and career cut abruptly short.

Born in Mounds, Oklahoma in 1985, Jacob Flint was raised in the oilfields of Holdenville, Oklahoma east of Oklahoma City. His father was a wildcat oilman, and like so many Red Dirt artists, Jake Flint was raised on a mix of rock, country, and songwriting legends. From John Denver and Dire Straits, to John Prine and Townes Van Zandt, Jake’s father instilled him with a love of music from an early age, while an older sister exposed Jake to grunge rock titans such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Music took a more serious tone for Jake Flint when his father was diagnosed with ALS. Frustrated that he would no longer be able to interact with his son through sports and other physical activities, Jake’s father compelled the young man to take up music, and Jake began playing guitar and attending bluegrass festivals where he ultimately added the influence of jam bands such a Phish and Bela Fleck to his musical appetite.

Now fully immersed in the world of music, Jake Flint found his true calling in the sound of his native Oklahoma, and Red Dirt legends such as The Great Divide, Mike McClure, and Cross Canadian Ragweed. It was through this connection that Flint was able to commission Red Dirt founding father Mike McClure, along with Taylor Reed, Jon Knudson from Whiskey Myers, and friend Cody Woody to make his 2020 self-titled debut album.

Whether performing solo or with a band, Jake Flint made his mark on the Texas/Red Dirt touring circuit throughout the Texoma region and beyond. Flint performed at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okemah, OK in 2021, and performed numerous years at the Texas/Red Dirt Mile 0 Fest in Key West, Florida. He made an impression one year when he broke a string mid set, and without missing a beat, told a quick story while he changed the string and launched right back into the back half of the song.

Jake Flint had recently begun working with manager Brenda Cline of Route 66 Management. Cline confirmed Jake Flint’s passing late Sunday.

“With a broken heart and in deep grief I must announce that Jake Flint has tragically passed away,” she said. “I loved him much like a son. The funniest, most hilarious, hardest working, dedicated artist I have ever worked with in my career. We were just about to embark on some business together after he and Brenda got married- which was yesterday. Yes-yesterday. Jake has a million friends and I’m not sure how everyone will cope with this tragic loss. We need prayers- it’s all so surreal. Please please pray for his new wife Brenda, Jake’s precious mother, his sister and the rest of his family and friends. This is going to be incredibly difficult for so many. We love you Jake and in our hearts forever.”

Jake Flint’s new wife Brenda posted a 30-second clip of the two taking wedding photos, and a simple caption reading, “I don’t understand.”

Jake Flint most recently resided outside of Claremore, Oklahoma, north and east of Tulsa. At Jake’s remote homestead outside of Claremore is where the wedding took place. Claremore is where many friends and family were staying during the wedding on Saturday, and a Sunday brunch was planned at J Farley’s Restaurant in Claremore.

Though not much is currently known about how Jake Flint passed away pending an investigation, the Rogers County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed they responded to a call, CPR was administered, and a deceased individual was reported. Though the death is still under investigation, foul play is not considered to be involved.

On Monday evening (11-28), Jake Flint’s publicist Clif Doyal intimated that the 37-year-old passed away in his sleep on his wedding night.

Jake Flint was beloved for his warm personality, his songs, and his stories. Dying on his wedding day with friends and family assembled is a tragedy that is unthinkable, and has left the Red Dirt world in shock.

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A Go Fund Me has been set up for Jake Flint’s Family.

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