Red Dirt Legend Brandon Jenkins in Hospital with Major Heart Issue

There are only a few musicians who can truly tie themselves back to the emergence of the Red Dirt scene that exploded in and around Oklahoma in the 90’s, and songwriter and performer Brandon Jenkins is one of them. Known as the “Red Dirt Legend” (which is also the name of his record label), and for his big bushy beard and the often-covered song “My Feet Don’t Touch The Ground,” Brandon is beloved in the Texoma music scene and well beyond.

***UPDATE: Red Dirt Legend Brandon Jenkins “Extremely Critical” after Heart Surgery Complications – UPDATE***

The Tulsa, Oklahoma native is currently in the hospital after discovering he was suffering from a major heart issue. After running numerous tests, it has been determined he needs a new heart valve, and will be undergoing heart surgery in the next week or so. “I ain’t gonna lie, they got me pretty scared,” Jenkins said on February 2nd, and then confirmed the heart valve issue and upcoming surgery on February 3rd.

The serious health issue comes right as he is set to release his latest record Tail Lights in a Boomtown on February 9th, which includes a duet with fellow Red Dirt legend Stoney LaRue. Jenkins was also scheduled to perform at the inaugural Mile 0 Fest in Key West, Florida this upcoming week, and had to cancel.

Though Red Dirt is known mostly for emerging from Stillwater, Oklahoma, Brandon Jenkins is one of numerous Red Dirt musicians who finds their compass in music from Tulsa. Jenkins’ father was a well-known disc jokey in Tulsa, and his uncle is Gordon Shryock, who is a Grammy-awarded bass player and producer known for working with Tulsa music legends J.J. Cale and Leon Russell.

Brandon Jenkins met many of the well-known names in Red Dirt music like Cody Canada, Stoney LaRue, and Mike McClure while attending Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. He moved to Austin in 2003, and then relocated to Nashville in 2016. Many fellow Red Dirt musicians have covered Brandon Jenkins songs, and he tours frequently behind his independently-released albums.

“Thanks y’all for all the Love and Prayers… I can feel it!” Jenkins says to fans and well wishers.

His upcoming album can be pre-purchased on iTunes, and you can also donate to him directly via paypal. You can also purchase “Hearts Beat for Jenkins” merch that will go to support his hospital bills.

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