Reinstate Hank Video Contest Update !!

The take for the Reinstate Hank Video Contest is GROWING!

On top of what I offered at the beginning (CD’s from Marty Robbins and Jimmie Rogers, and merch stickers from various bands), Manda Panda from File 13 Clothing has now offered up a T-Shirt from her Rebel Rouser Collection !! By the way, if you’ve never checked Rebel Rouser out, go over there and do that. Killer stuff that expresses how we ALL feel about the current state of country music!

Also Brigette London who is a great songwriter and one of the writers at Outlaw Magazine has also thrown in a couple of CD’s!!

And trust me when I say more is coming!

Also if you have made a video, please let me know so I can make sure you are entered in the contest.

I also heard through the grapevine that none other Mr. Bandana is going to be on the next installment of Big D’s Redneck Minute. Confederate flags will be waving for sure, and they will be speaking on the Reinstate Hank movement which will get them BOTH entered into the contest.

And just a quick note: For all of us who have been hosting the printable Reinstate Hank petition sheets, the address has been changed and the link needs to be updated. You can read more about this on J-DUB’s blog, and thanks again to Johnny for all the hard work he’s put in to give us ALL the ability to get Reinstate Hank signatures. He’s also helping put together an information sheet for people to hand out and help spread the word, which I think is an EXCELLENT idea.

And last but not least I want you all to read this amazing open letter from Sugar . I know it’s not a video, but I’m making an exception and allowing it to be an entry in the contest.

“I write this letter as a public plea for your compassion, your open mindedness and your help. There is a movement to Reinstate Hank Williams into the Mother Church, as you have been called. Many Americans don’t even know that he was ejected from your franchise. They just assume that once a member, always a member. It is understood that your stance is not to keep “membership” for deceased artists. This is understandable. But what is causing confusion and outrage is the fact of intolerance. It was the Grand Ole Opry’s stance to remove Hank Williams out of the Opry for his conduct. The idea was for him to ” sober up ” and he would be reinstated. He never got the chance as his life was cut short on his way to a show in Ohio. All these years later you may wonder to yourself why people think this is even important. I’ll tell you why . . .

Every one has problems. Everyone has something they are ” addicted ” too. and you should be aware that the love of country music, as you are so involved in, is something people feel very near and dear. Well the fact of the situation is this: You still use Hank Williams as a promotional figure, right outside the doors of the Ryman Theater. You do not publicly acknowledge that he was booted from your organization but want people to understand why Hank Williams cannot be reinstated. It is a double standard and reflects negatively on you whether you believe that or not. So I ask that you reconsider your stance and reinstate the man, Hank Williams, the man who yes had problems, but whose musical contributions supercede his faults as the Grand Ole Opry saw them so many years ago. Do the right thing.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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