Reinstate Hank Videos New and Old + Joe Buck

Hardcore Lutheran has officially entered the Reinstate Hank Video Contest (see previous blog posts for contest details) :

See people it is that simple, just let the camera roll and speak your mind. And if you don’t have a camera, you can just email and I WILL SEND YOU ONE! Simple as that.

Also Restless in Amsterdam got this footage of Joe Buck signing the petition in Amsterdam:

I don’t know if this qualifies as AN Official Reinstate Hank Video entry, I have appealed that decision to the Board of Curmudgeons and am awaiting a final verdict, but it is a very cool video nonetheless. Joe Buck had signed the petition before, but it was cool that he would do this for a video record. Great job Restless!

There is also another video that I think is very important to the Reinstate Hank movement that used to be on YouTube, but was then pulled, probably by the Grand Ole Opry. I just found it again through the MySpace video channel. This video marks, at least publicly, the beginning of the Reinstate Hank movement. There Hank III was, basking in the irony of celebrating the birthday of Hank Williams Sr. in an institution that has refused to rightfully honor his legacy for over 50 years, and couldn’t help but to say something.

It also shows that, like Hank III has said many times, he tried to be courteous and political at the beginning, to persuade the Opry nicely to do the right thing. Also notice that when Hank III mentions Reinstating Hank between the two songs, EVERYONE in the crowd cheers. There’s no silence. No boos. Nobody in that crowd thought it was a bad or even a strange idea, or even thought that it was inappropriate for Hank III to suggest it.

You can’t find ANYBODY who is a Hank Williams fan, a country music fan, or even a fan of the Grand Ole Opry who thinks that Hank shouldn’t be Reinstated.

Hank III at the Grand Ol Opry

This video is also significant because this was Joe Buck’s chance to play on the Opry stage. He’s talks about what this meant to him in this video:

You can watch the rest of that documentary HERE.

This was also the same night Hank III walked off the stage and refused to sing “I Saw the Light” with Hank Jr.

So this video of Hank III at the Opry is important to say the least, and it is good to see it back.

Reinstate Hank