Remember This Name True Country Fans: Vincent Neil Emerson

If you’re anything like me, you live for those country music moments when you make a big discovery of a new artist you know is going to be entertaining you for years to come, even if big radio and the mainstream of country won’t give them the time of day. 2019 has been rich for such discoveries, from Charlie Marie, to Ian Noe, to Charles Wesley Godwin, Emily Scott Robinson, Gabe Lee, and many others. Now your radar needs to be firmly affixed upon Vincent Neil Emerson, which if everything works out, will be the next guy everyone’s going nuts about in independent country.

You may recognize his name from when “Aquaman” actor Jason Mamoa went wild over Colter Wall when he was playing a show in Vancouver eariler in 2019, and Ian Noe and Vincent Neil Emerson were on tour with him at the time. Or perhaps you’ve seen Emerson open for the Turnpike Troubadours, American Aquarium, Jason Boland, or others since he’s on Red 11’s Texas/Red Dirt-centric tour booking roster. Either way, this Ft. Worth-based singer and songwriter has been creating lots of buzz, even without releasing a lick of music … until now.

Ahead of the release of his debut album Fried Chicken & Evil Women on September 13th, Vincent Neil Emerson has made available two debut tracks that sound pretty damn promising, and speak to the scope and influence of his true-to-form brand of country music. “Willie Nelson’s Wall” is an excellent little foray into the formidable genre of Texas Swing, with all those vintage vibes perfect for shuffling feet. The other song “25 & Wastin’ Time” is more hard-charging honky tonk, but with Emerson laying down a laid back vocal track, making it easy to ease into. It’s not just the music, but the mood of Vincent Neil Emerson (or “VNE” as some call him) that makes him a performer worth watching.

Playing the bars in Ft. Worth since he was 20-years-old, Vincent Neil Emerson was raised in Van Zandt County in East Texas by a single mother of part Native American Choctaw-Apache descent. He left home at 16, working odd jobs as he traveled around, eventually taking up guitar at 18, never thinking it would become his professional career until he started writing songs and figured out he wasn’t half bad at it. The grit under his fingernails gives Vincent’s music that vein of authenticity some try in vain to duplicate, but can never authenticate.

There’s sure to be more about Vincent Neil Emerson as the release of Fried Chicken & Evil Women nears on September 13th. But until then, sit back and enjoy the first two songs from this guy that many have been waiting on debut music for, and believe will be a big name in Texas music and beyond in the coming years.

Fried Chicken & Evil Women is now available for pre-order.


  1. Devil in My Bed
  2. Letters on the Marquee
  3. The Bad Side of Luck
  4. Willie Nelson’s Wall
  5. 7 Come 11
  6. Dade County Jail
  7. Fried Chicken & Evil Women
  8. 25 & Wastin’ Time
  9. Cactus Blossom Special
  10. Highway Shine

(Sorry, not available on YouTube, but is available through most streaming platforms.)

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