Richard Rawlings Says David Allan Coe Tried To Extort Club

david-allan-coeOutlaw country music legend David Allan Coe was scheduled to play at the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill in Dallas, TX on Wednesday night (7-2), but a dispute between Coe and the venue forced a cancellation of the show. The venue, located just north and east of downtown and owned by Discovery Channel personality Richard Rawlings claims that the singer and/or a member of his camp attempted to extort them. We are sorry to all the disappointed Gas Monkey fans that came out to see Mr. David Allan Coe,” The venue said in a statement. “We did everything in our power to try and make the show happen! Unfortunately not everyone in our industry operates honestly. Refunds will be made available to all the fans that purchased tickets to tonight’s show through Ticketfly. We look forward to seeing all of you at GMBG soon!!!”

richard-rawlingsRichard Rawlings of the Gas Monkey Garage and the Discovery Channel’s Fast N’ Loud show apologized to patrons about the incident.I just heard that David Allan Coe bailed on his fans tonight and canceled his show at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill. First of all, I want to apologize to all the fans who were let down tonight. Long story short, he tried to extort us for extra money up front to “perform outside” despite the fact that that wasn’t in our contract. A member of his camp HIGHLY disrespected Alex, the GM at the Bar N’ Grill, and we don’t stand for that. I hope David Allan Coe realizes that his fans are the reason he’s as popular as he is. Sorry again and I hope you enjoy your night at the Bar N’ Grill despite that!

This is not the first time recently that a venue has complained that David Allan Coe has held up a show and demanded more than he was contractually obligated to receive. On June 12th at a show at Mojoes in Joliet, IL near Chicago, patrons and management said that David Allan Coe refused to play until an amount higher than originally agreed upon was received, and hot meals were served to him and his crew. The demands resulted in the show starting three hours later than advertised. The police were called to manage the dispute between Coe and the venue, as well as the angry fans that were demanding refunds. Patrons who purchased $70 meet-and-greet packages were left in a lurch, and once Coe did finally take the stage, he played for only 30 minutes according to attendees.

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Saving Country Music has reached out to David Allan Coe’s management for a statement on the accusations, but none was received by the time of this post. If one is made or received, it will be posted here.

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