Robert’s Western World Door Man Assaulted, Suspects Sought

UPDATE: The primary suspect has been identified as Shane Fogle.

Disturbing video caught a group of men assaulting the doorman at Robert’s Western World late Thursday night (6-20) in front of the establishment on Lower Broadway in Nashville. Robert’s is asking the public to share the information and see if the alleged perpetrators can be named and brought to justice.

“We need your help Nashville!” Robert’s said on social media. “You’ve done it before and asking for your help again in catching the low life scum that were denied entry to Robert’s Western World for obvious intoxication and ill behavior. They didn’t like being told no and decided to assault our door personnel.”

Video (see below) clearly shows the assault.

“Group of four men, but specifically the gentleman wearing the black polo, that so cooperatively posed for a photo before punching, then kicking our door guy in the head while he was on the ground as his buddies held our guy down,” Robert’s says.

In the video, the man in the black polo can be seen talking to the door man before punching him in the face. Then as the door man lunges or punches forward, another man joins in while the man in the black polo kicks the door man. Two other men are also involved, but it’s difficult to ascertain if they are also part of the assault, or are trying to pull the two other men off of Robert’s door man.

A report from the Metro Nashville Police Department obtained by Saving Country Music states,

On Thursday night, a man working security at Roberts Western World reported to an officer that he was assaulted at 10:55 p.m. outside the business.  The victim stated he was assaulted by two unknown males while working security at the front door.  He stated that he refused entry to one of the men because he was visibly intoxicated. The man stated, “I’ll go ahead and knock you out right now,” then proceeded to suddenly punch the security victim in the left eye.  The victim stated he punched the man back in self-defense.  A second man placed the victim in a choke hold and had him on the ground.  The man who threw the punch then kicked the victim in the left side while he was on the ground. Three other men who were with assault suspects 1 and 2 pulled them off of the victim and the whole group walked off westbound on Broadway. The victim refused medical aid for his injuries.

“It’s very unfortunate that this happened because we’re a family run business,” Robert’s employee Caroline tells Saving Country Music. “All of our employees have been here for many years. JesseLee [Jones] and Emily are amazing people to work for. And it’s just really sad for all of us that work here.”

Robert’s is known as one of the last true honky tonks in Nashville Lower Broadway tourist corridor, regularly featuring traditional country music artists and supporting up-and-coming talent.

“CASH reward for the positive ID of any one of these individuals, specifically the trash in the black polo!!!” Robert’s says. “Please share and help us catch them while they’re in town!!!”

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