Roundtable Vol 2 & Anti-Country Revisited

Well ladies and gentlemen, we were a week late, but we got the REAL Country Roundtable Volume 2 done. Topics discussed include: Why so many REAL country bands are coming out of the Midwest and Upper Midwest (and not the South). Has the .357 String Band “lost something” since mandolin player Jayke Orvis left. And we revisit Shooter Jenning’s new album “Black Ribbons.”

We also discuss my Anti-Country idea, which at this point is dead in the water, mostly from gross misunderstanding of the term. But I’m still glad I raised the topic, and just because my solution may not work, doesn’t mean there still isn’t a problem. In fact I think the problems are even more evident now, just over a week later, than when I proposed the idea. Music Row is castrating the underground, and if we cannot find some common ground or leadership, it is only going to get worse.

You can listen to or download the Roundtable below. We had fun doing it, and we hope you have fun listening. You can always find the episodes and more info about the Roundtable at

Roundtable Volume 2:


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In other podcasting news:

–The White Trash Revival has had a lot of great guests on recent episodes, including Lucky Tubb, Junk, Kyle Turley, and Dog Bite Harris, so swing on over there and check it out.

Blue Ribbon Radio is back after a stint away due to technical difficulties.

Stink Finger Radio can now be heard the hour before Outlaw Radio Chicago every Wednesday at 6 PM Eastern on has released their March podcast.

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