Sam Hunt Arrest Results in Pulling of New Single “Sinning With You”

The timing is never good to be placed in handcuffs by the Nashville Metro Police Department and hauled off to jail for driving under the influence and an open container violation like Sam Hunt experienced Thursday morning (11-21). Hunt was observed driving the wrong way on Ellington Parkway near Ben Allen Road in east Nashville, traveling south in the northbound lanes. He later blew a .173 on the breathalyzer test, putting him over twice the legal limit. He was booked into jail at about 6:30 a.m. on Thursday, and was released at about 9:00 a.m.

For Sam Hunt, his arrest ended up being a double whammy. The timing directly coincided with the release of Sam’s new single “Sinning With You,” which was supposed to populate via streaming and download services on Friday, November 22nd, but has been summarily pulled, presumably as his label MCA Nashville works to avoid the publicity snafu.

Sam Hunt first debuted “Sinning With You” at a show in Calgary, Canada as part of his Bud Light House Party tour, which was also streamed and captured on video. “For the folks that are listening at home, I wanted to play something from the new record,” he told the audience. “It’s kind of chill and slow. If y’all will humor me…”

Hunt also said earlier in the show that he would be releasing a new single “in about a month or so, and a new record coming out first of the year.” Sam Hunt did end up releasing a new single in about a month, but it wasn’t “Sinning With You,” it was the song “Kinfolks,” which came out on October 11th, and is currently sitting at #13 on country radio.

Sam Hunt wrote “Sinning With You” with Paul DiGiovanni, Josh Osborne and Emily Weisband. The chorus of the song goes, “I never felt like I was sinnin’ with you / Always felt like I could talk to God in the morning / Always knew that I would end up with you / Always felt like I could talk to God in the morning / If it’s so wrong, why did it feel so right? / If it’s so wrong, why’d it never feel like sinnin’ with you?”

“Sinning With You” had already appeared in Spotify listings, showing up right about the time Sam Hunt was walking out of jail Thursday morning, and as many country music and entertainment outlets were posting stories about his arrest. Now the release of “Sinning With You” has been delayed indefinitely.

The pulled Spotify song listing: