Saving Country Music Helps w/ “Party Down South” Ads

party-down-south-adThursday night is the finale for season one of CMT’s flagship reality show series Party Down South. The show has stirred up quite a bit of controversy for its sexualized and graphic content, especially in its ads that have pervaded the internet and many of Viacom’s other networks like MTV and VH1, running during what is described as family entertainment and drawing the ire of many, including Ben “Cooter” Jones of The Dukes of Hazzard. Maybe even worse have been the static ads with little quips from the show and clips of the show’s participants that are all over the internet, and that CMT bombards Twitter and Facebook with during the airing of each show.

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It recently came to light that one of Party Down South‘s cast members had been arrested for stealing a credit card, and that some of the cast may be unwilling to come back for a 2nd or 3rd season because the show’s producers have been paying them virtually nothing compared to their counterparts on Jersey Shore. So with a servant’s heart, and wanting to pitch in and make sure Party Down South sticks around, Saving Country Music thought we would make some ads for CMT pro bono that they could use to promote their show.

You’re welcome Viacom and CMT.







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