Saving Country Music (+ Metal farm Party Pics) had correspondents crawling all over the place at the Metal Farm Release Party this last Saturday in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cathy’s Reinstate Hank Bandwagon and her Hubby Wayne, Donnie Cash from the Hank III Coalition, and the very lovely Sugar were there shaking it at Shake It Records. If you want to see some pics, you can go to Cathy’s Gallery, or you can also go to It Burns When I Pee’s Gallery . IBWIP recorded their next podcast there live, so we’ll be looking forward to that and I’ll let you know when it’s available.

The OFFICIAL Reinstate Hank signature book was there, the one with Shelton’s name written in blood. So were Keith Neltner of, Blake Judd of Judd Films, and music was performed by the Kentucky Struts and Straw Boss. People who showed up also got to see exclusive video of Judd Films projects yet to be released. There was also news that none other than Hank III’s mom had recently signed the petition book.

In other random Outlaw Country news, Dale Watson will be playing at the Grand Ole Opry tonight. Feel as you may about this, that’s the scoop. If you want to listen, you can try by going to WSM online and looking in the top right corner.

I am happy to announce that has expanded, and added a sister site. You can go to either or (they’re the same thing at the moment), and see that this blog now has an outlet outside of MySpace.

I did this for a number of reasons:

1. There are people out there that want to participate in or the blog, but want nothing to do with MySpace, and I for one do not blame them. MySpace is a great networking tool, but you got to deal with a lot of crap: whorebots and teenage drama.

2. The new blog has MANY MORE capabilities. MySpace does not make it easy to look for information in older blogs. At the new site, you can search by keywords, use the calendar that shows the postings by date, and you can look through categories. For example, if you want to read all of the blogs I’ve done on the Reinstate Hank movement, just click on the ‘Reinstate Hank’ category.

3. Without whipping your ass with compu speak, this is going to make my blogs WAY more visible and accessible on the internet. Long story short, if people Google something, the chances are slim they will find this blog, even if it has the information they seek, because there’s layers between this blog and the search engines. Now all the information here will be right out on the internet.

4. A lot of what I do here is preach to the choir. That’s not necessarily bad, but I want to reach out to people who are NOT Hank III fans yet. I’m hoping this new site will help me do that. They may be looking for information on something else I’ve blogged about, and then through osmosis, get turned on to Hank III or discover the Reinstate Hank movement.

I’m not going to abandon MySpace, all my blogs will still be posted here too. But I will no longer be tied to MySpace exclusively. My intention is to strengthen this movement by covering a little wider variety of music and artists in the future, to make the tent bigger so to speak.

Oh, and for my 100th blog (which is in a while, I think I’m on 85 or so) I want to do a ‘Best Of’ voted by you my loyal, wonderful readers. So if you get a chance in the next few weeks, go to the new site, poke around, and send me a message of what your top 5 favorite blogs were.

Also please feel free to leave comments on the blogs on that site too. I think you have to ‘Register’ but anyone can do it. You don’t have to have an account or anything.

Eventually, is going to be a much more involved site. I am working on that right now. This is just the first phase.

Thanks to Everyone for Reading!

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