Saving Country Music Radio on The Real Deal

I am excited to announce that Saving Country Music now has a home on the radio every Saturday night! It’s called “Saving Country Music Radio”, and it is making its debut run TONIGHT (4-2-11) at 9 PM Central, 10 Eastern, on The Real Deal, KOOK 93.5 FM 1230 AM, in the heart of the Texas Hill country. But of course, since most of you don’t live in the Texas Hill Country, you can access the live stream of the station right here, or by clicking on the black and gold KOOK icon in the right column of every page on the website.

Saving Country Music Radio will be an audio version of this website, promoting and talking about the great independent, up-and-coming, and underground bands and artists, while making sure the legacy of country music is preserved as well. Playlists for each show will be archived at, with links to all the bands played and discussed, and the shows will be archived there in their entirety as well, probably about a week after their initial airing.

I want to give a huge thanks to “Big G” Gordon Ames, the Big Cheese of The Real Deal for giving me this opportunity to expose a brand new audience to the music we all know and love. He has been a good friend for years, and I am excited to finally be able to work with him directly.

And for fans/listeners of SCM LIVE, don’t worry, nothing is going to change there. We will still be doing our weekly podcasts and live broadcasts. The idea with SCM Radio is to reach even more people with this music. Eventually we may open the SCM LIVE chat room during the show, but right now we are working on a new chat room, so we will probably skip that, at least for the first few weeks (let me know below in the comments if anyone has a desire for a live chat with this). Incidentally the chat room WILL be open this Sunday (4-3) for The ACM Awards, so people can stop by a hoot on the pop country frivolity!

I am very excited about this, so please give a listen to The Real Deal Saturday night if you have a chance, and let me know what you think. And ANYTIME you have a hankering for listening to the radio, you should listen to The Real Deal!