Saving Country Music Theme Song Contest

Attention Bands, Artists, Songwriters, Musicians:

Saving Country Music needs a theme song. And instead of emailing individual bands to beg for assistance, I thought we could have a little fun with this and make it into a contest, where bands and artists submit their songs, and readers vote on them. Hopefully this will result in a good theme song, and some good exposure for the bands and artists that turn in submissions.

What do I need a theme song for? Well, for many different reasons, but one of them might be for a potential local/regional/national podcast and /or radio show that might or might not actually be happening, that I’d rather keep info about ambiguous at the moment. No, this does not mean Saving Country Music is going to turn into a radio show or SCM LIVE is going away, just focus on the important thing here: SAVING COUNTRY MUSIC NEEDS A THEME SONG, and I’ll announce that Shooter Jennings got me a satellite radio program later.

Ha! Just kidding.

As for what I’m looking for, besides saying it should be void of four letter words just in case it would ever be used in a family friendly environment, and that the inspiration for the name of this website was a caption on a Waylon Jennings photo that said “Let’s Go Save Country Music”, and it would be cool if that was included somewhere, I just say do your worst and see what happens.

It doesn’t need to be too long, though if you wanted to make a whole song that would be cool too, as long as maybe the first 30 seconds could be used apart from the full song for radio purposes. It also needs to say “” at some point, and mention me, The Triggerman as well. And have fun with it. If you’re not a band or musician but want to write something and the give it to someone else to record, go crazy. And please readers help me reach out to bands to let them know about the contest.

I really want this to be a good opportunity to promote some artists, especially some that I just have not had time or ability to promote in the past. What is the prize? Well, I don’t know, my love and admiration, and an eternal promotional tool for your music through the song. I’ll probably scrounge up some free T Shirts and CD’s or something as well, we’ll see what develops.

Interested bands and artists, please hit me up through Facebook (button found at the top of the page) or simply leave a comment on this article (which will supply me your email address) and I will email you back directly.

Let’s Go Get Saving Country Music a Theme Song!