Shane Smith & the Saints Have New Song & a LOT More in Store

It appears like Shane Smith and the Saints are out here buttering us up for the release of a new album sooner than later. In June the Austin-based propulsive roots band released a new song called “Hummingbird,” which was their first taste of new music in about 3 1/2 years. Shane Smith said about the song, “It’s a love song at it’s core, but covers some heavier subject-matter around anxiety and depression that I think a lot of folks can relate to these days.

Then on October 21st, they released another new song called “Fire in the Ocean” (listen below), and chased it with the message, “and there’s much more to come…” The band is most certainly due for a new album, and anyone who’s seen them live will confidently attest they’re one of the most spirited live bands to see at the moment as they’ve been steadily climbing the ladder of recognition toward top headliner status.

But all of this might be in store for a massive jolt sooner than later. If you watch the official trailer for Season 5 of Yellowstone, at about the 1:11 mark, it sure does look like Shane Smith and the Saints playing on an outdoor stage, possibly at the Dutton Ranch. It appears that Shane Smith himself is wearing a cowboy hat, which he almost never does on stage and might throw some off the scent, but it certainly does look like them.

We really don’t know at this point how deeply involved Shane Smith and the Saints may be in an upcoming Yellowstone episode, or the upcoming season. Neither the band nor Yellowstone have mentioned anything about it publicly. But what we do know is even a little exposure goes a long way on what last year was the most popular show on all of television.

Last November during Season 4, the 3rd episode was named after the Shane Smith and the Saints song “All I See Is You.” The song also was featured in a pivotal scene in the episode, and the band was even name checked by a couple of characters, resulting in a sales boost in the band’s music.

But song appearances, and name plugs and the like are one thing. A full-blown appearance in a scene is another, like we saw with Whiskey Myers a few years back. The Southern rock band’s Yellowstone appearance in a bar to go with numerous song appearances sent the band into the stratosphere of popularity where they now own three Certified Platinum singles, even though mainstream radio never plays them.

We really don’t know if a similar fate awaits Shane Smith and the Saints. But if they coincide a Yellowstone appearance with new music and who knows what else, it will most certainly be fortuitous for a band that has been on the brink of exploding for a few years now.

Yellowstone premiers on November 13th, with Lainey Wilson joining the cast for the new season. Stay tuned.

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