Shotgun Willie on a Boob Tube Near You

If you’re reading this right now and you are not a MySpace friend of Wayne you should ramble over there and send him a friend request. The main reason is because Wayne checks the Reinstate Hank petition pretty much every day and looks for cool messages people have posted there, and then shares them will all of us through bulletin posts.

Shotgun Willie on TV:

This morning Willie is (or was) on The Early Show on CBS, this evening he’ll be on the Late Show with Conan O’Brien , and on Friday he’ll be on The Colbert Report. Check your local listings. Void where prohibited. Refrigerate after opening. All that stuff.

Willie is far from giving up the ghost, and though he’s ignored by pop country radio of course, he one of the most respected men in ALL of music, even by brothers, and continues to stay relevant. From his most recent album:

So I need some opinions from you people.

I’m thinking about running the flag up the MySpace flagpole here.

This is the thinking: even Hank III acknowledged in his promo video for Damn Right, Rebel Proud that Curb Records had to have guts to put the album out. Curb is working with him now, at least to some extent. I don’t want to be the old soldier who doesn’t know when to stop the fight. No, is not going anywhere until Hank III is completely free of Curb Records, and it may not go anywhere ever. This just involves the MySpace site.

Since it became clear that Damn Right, Rebel Proud was truly going to be released and all thins promo stuff has been released for it, I’ve seen my friend requests fall to a trickle. I want to keep this thing growing. I don’t want to limit myself to talking to people who are already fans of Hank III, I want to reach out to the people who are not, but are looking for good and REAL country music.

I want to turn my attention from Curb Records to help promoting Hank III’s music, trying to get it played on the radio, etc. I also want to focus on getting the word about Reinstating Hank Williams to the Grand Ole Opry, and to promoting all of these underground/outlaw country music artists working their ass off out there and putting out great music.

Mike Curb was a worthy adversary, and I mean that. I don’t like the guy, but I’ve respected him this whole time. And out of respect for him and Hank III to some extent, I don’t want to keep fighting with the already vanquished.

There’s also this thing inside of me that just feels weird using someone else’s name. Nobody has claimed I’m exploiting his name, and it would be hard to do so, but still.

So I want to hear from you people about what you think. I’ve said this whole time, I’m not Free Hank III, we all are. So really this is all of our decisions.

And if Curb Records ever fell back into their old patterns, well you can be damned sure I’d be ready to bring the pain once again.

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