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In an effort to stay behind the curve of the massive devolution in social networking and information dissemination that has plagued music over the past few years, Saving Country Music has set up and old fashioned email list/newsletter sign up, so that people that are not on Twitter and/or Facebook, or people that don’t get good information through Facebook’s cryptic and self-defeating interface can still stay in touch with the website. Please find a signup form below, and there will also be a permanent link in the menu bar.

This will not be a daily spamming tool to remind you of each article posted, but more like a twice-monthly roundup of important news and information, along with exclusive content upon occasion that you will not find anywhere on this site or anywhere else (That’s a dangling carrot to get you to sign up, so chop chop, get to signing up). And if something really big happens, yes, we can use it to keep you informed about breaking news as well.

This is also one of the tools we are putting in place in an effort to either move off of Facebook, or at least stay ahead of it’s most certain demise. Facebook has destroyed lives, relationships, families, careers, communities, and it destroyed MySpace. Twice it has directly threatened the strong community of Saving Country Music by spreading fear and misinformation. Yes, Facebook can also be helpful. At times. But it is a necessary evil at best. I am not setting a time limit for a departure from Facebook, this is more about putting in place the tools to make the move once it feels right.

I am appalled and disheartened that bands and fans had better ways to communicate and discover each other in 2005 than they do now. I guess that just follows the devolution of everything about music. I don’t even know where to link anymore when talking about bands if they do not have a dedicated website, and even if they do, every website is different, and doesn’t offer all the tools and resources in one place like MySpace once did. But I will continue to do my best to keep you informed, and help you discover the good music you crave, and that the music consumer deserves, through the newsletters, and the calendar and message board.

And as stupid as I thought it was at first, I can confidently sing the praises of Twitter as probably the best source right now for spreading information, so if you use Twitter, make sure to follow me at!/The_Triggerman.

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