Silverada Slays Jackalope Jamboree to Celebrate Album Release

Seven minutes after their new self-titled album hit streaming services at midnight Eastern, 9:00 p.m. Pacific, the greatest live country band in the world took the stage at the Jackalope Jamboree in Pendleton, Oregon to slay an enthusiastic crowd.

After making a dramatic name change in January from Mike and the Moonpies, and taking a very slightly new direction on their new self-titled album (read review), there has been some concern if Silverada would still have the magic that has many considering them the most underrated band in American music. That concern was put to bed in Pendleton. They played all but one or two of the new songs, as well as a bunch of old favorites in a stellar and blistering set (see set list below).

One thing that has always marked the Silverada (or Mike and the Moonpies) experience is that their songs are even better live. They’ve already been featuring the new tracks “Radio Wave” and “Wallflower” in concert for a while, and opened the set with them. But with the crescendo of energy involved in the composition of the songs “Eagle Rare” and “Hell Bent For Leather,” the live experience expounds on the studio tracks. They even chose “Hell Bent For Leather” as the show ender.

If Silverada is one of the best live bands in country, there’s just about no better setup/opening band to get the crowd animated than The Vandoliers from Dallas, TX. They’ve been doing it for years, and as frontman Joshua Fleming said from the stage, “I’m damn good at it.” If fact, they were so damn good, you almost were worried about a lull once Silverada came out on stage.

Jade Jackson also played between the two bands on a side stage, and did an excellent job as well. But Silverada was up for taking on all comers, and ultimately wrecked the Jackalope Jamboree stage.

It was the loudest concert this set of ears had experienced in perhaps a dozen years. In fact, it was so loud that it ventured into the territory of being problematic. Quite a few people, especially in Jackalope’s massive grandstand, had emptied by the encore. Whereas the balance of energy and volume for the Vandoliers was perfect, it’s almost as if the sound crew felt it needed to be up another notch for the Silverada headliners, and pushed it too far.

Nonetheless, if you were a true Silverada fan, you stuffed cigarette butts in your ears in necessary and partied on, which many did for 22 songs and past the scheduled end time.

Silverada is here, but the spirit of the band that you fell in love with once called Mike and the Moonpies never left.

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See set list at bottom. All photos by Kyle “Trigger” Coroneos. For more live coverage from the Jackalope Jamboree and other live events, follow Saving Country Music on Instagram.

Mike Harmeier
Zachary Moulton
Catlin Rutherford
Omar and Catlin
Taylor and Omar

(Mostly) complete track list:

1. Radio Wave
2. Wallflower
3. Paycheck to Paycheck
4. Mockingbird
5. Load Out
6. Stay By My Side
7. Rainy Day
8. Anywhere But Here
9. Road Crew
10. Steak Night at the Prairie Rose
11. Doing It Right
12. Beaches of Biloxi
13. Eagle Rare
14. ???
15. Danger
16. ???
17. Look Good in Neon
18. Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em
19. Hour on the Hour
20. We’re Gone

21. Cheap Silver
22. Hell Bent For Leather

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