Sir Mashalot Releases 7th Song Based Off of Viral 6-Song Mashup


On November 4th, 2014, a songwriter working under the name Sir Mashalot uploaded a video to YouTube that took six of the current pop country songs and mashed them up to illustrate the similarity between the songs. The mashup didn’t receive a lot of attention at first—maybe about 400 views—until Saving Country Music posted a story about it on January 7th, 2015. Next thing you knew, the mashup was going super-viral, receiving over 4,800,000 views on YouTube alone, not counting Facebook versions of the video. USA Today, Time, NPR, and 60+ more media outlets all covered the mashup in one capacity or another before all was said and done.

“My inspiration started when I heard Parmalee’s ‘Close Your Eyes’ several months ago,” said Sir Mashalot. “During the chorus, I started realizing it had an almost identical melody/music bed as Blake Shelton’s ‘Sure Be Cool If You Did.’ So I imported them into Pro Tools, tweaked the key and tempo to line them up, and wahlah- turned out they really were the same song!….Then, while driving in my car over the next couple of weeks, I started hearing one song after another which I was certain would fit perfectly into the original mashup,” Sir Mashalot continues. “First ‘Chillin’ It,’ then ‘Drunk On You,’ then ‘This is How We Roll,’ and finally ‘Ready, Set, Roll.’ Each time I heard one, I would race home to plug it into the original pro tools session and yep, another perfect fit.

As part of the original mashup, Sir Mashalot (aka Greg Todd) told us that a new song taking the same mashup formula and imprinting it onto an original song was in the works, thus proving the formula could be implemented on virtually any song idea using the same tempo, same key, and same structure. Now Greg Todd has released the 7th song to the mashup called “Even Better.”

“The video intro basically explains the gist,” he says. “The song structure and chord progression are identical with the exception of the opening chord of the verse 1. Tempo’s the same (150bpm). Key is the same (D#). The only thing that differs is a little lighter of the rock guitars and a lyrical departure in that ‘Even Better’ is about an enduring love between a husband and wife.”

Sir Mashalot got by with a little help from his friends on the new track. The singer is Paul Scott—a singer who has done work on many other demo tracks, Gary Ishee is on guitar, and Dave Francis plays bass. The video was made through iMovie, which Sir Mashalot explains was a fairly excruciating process, and one of the reasons the 7th song took so long to finish.

Who knows, maybe “Even Better” will go super-viral too and turn into a country radio hit. Have a listen for yourself:

SIr Mashalot: 7th Song To Mind-Blowing Six Song Country Mashup: “Even Better”At long last, here it is, folks- my original 7th Song to my Country Mashup. If you dig it, share it. And if you hate it, I still love you anyway. Special thanks to Paul Scott on Vox, Gary Ishee on Guitar, and Dave Francis on Bass. iTunes Download:

Posted by Sir Mashalot on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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