Six Gun Britt & Joseph Christ on Tour

Well unless you live in Florida, you’re going to miss this upcoming tour of two great unknown songwriters Joseph Christ and Six Gun Britt. But even us Florida-less souls can rejoice a little because it means Joseph and Six Gun are starting to branch out a little bit and flex their wings.

I think it is important to note, as much as we piss and moan about how talentless pop country is, nobody, no matter how much talent they have, deserves any amount of success, however that is measured, without hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Hank III may have got a record deal with his name, but he got one of the most loyal fan bases in music by relentless touring over many years. The great songwriters and talented musicians of the REAL country scene must match their gifts with the gusto for perseverance for their music to receive the attention it deserves.

Hard work is the tool we are all born with, regardless of circumstance. It is the one thing we can all use to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. And it is what REAL country will need if we will ever rise up to take back the institutions that real country built. That’s why three small shows by a couple of lesser-knowns has me excited.

And for you Florida folks, don’t be the one smacking your forehead because you missed these shows.

Six Gun Britt Joseph Christ Florida Tour

Joseph Christ, in a video done by Judd Films:

Six Gun Britt, with a brilliant original song:

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