Six Gun Britt to Tackle American Idol

Six Gun Britt Yes I know, Fox Television’s American Idol is a Barbie and Ken-style prancing poodle popularity contest that promotes celebrity worship and rabid consumerism, and is causing a general decay and homogenization of our culture to a prim and prissy style of music that is heroically void of soul.

BUT, just indulge me for a second, and imagine a truly talented, REAL country Outlaw-style artist getting on there, and using the machine of POP, to expose millions to what REAL country music can be all about. I have had this little scheme in the back of my head for years: some highly talented artist wiggling their way on to that show, giving a voice and a face to this movement to take country music back.

Well Six Gun Britt at this very moment is trying to do that very thing. I am trying to not get too excited about this, or lump any undue pressure or expectations on her, but this whole idea has me pitching a tent in my music pants for sure. It is going to be very difficult, if the whole thing isn’t outright rigged, and if Six Gun doesn’t at least make it deep into the contest, we will all know it is rigged for sure. Six Gun Britt is one of the most raw talents our country has to offer. It is as simple as that.

Six Gun Britt has been working at a nursing home. In a recent bulletin from her, she said, ” Usually i’m not one to care about Main stream hit list shows, but after playing last Sunday at the nursing home ( during my breaks), my fellow co-workers and the residents really wanted me to go for it. I am doing this for my residents and yall.” Now if that is not as cool as all get out, I don’t know what is. Think of the smiles on those faces at a nursing home back in Kentucky if Six Gun makes it on to the show. That is what this is all about. That is what music is all about; uplifting the spirit and coping with sorrow; not selling pimple cream and purple pants. And Six Gun Britt and what she is trying to do embodies that spirit.

I know there will be some punks out there thinking Six Gun and the rest of us should not even recognize American Idol or give it our time, and I completely understand this point of view, and under normal circumstances, I would agree with it whole-heartedly. But this is a war, and if we can use the machines of POP to expose a REAL talent, or even to turn the tables of the machines themselves, I think it would be foolish not to.

But let’s not make this all about our disdain for pop country or American Idol. This is about a girl and a guitar, and a dream. It is about the bond Britt has made with people at a nursing home that she shares no blood with.

In the end she may not be America’s Idol, but Six Gun Britt and her story is about as American as it gets.

Go get ’em Britt, this is one guy who is behind you 100%.

(Six Gun Britt is in Atlanta at the moment. Registration is on Tuesday and tryouts are on Thursday. I will keep everyone posted on how she does.)

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